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Learn How To Make Money Online By Taking One Step

Make money online
The first step if you want to make money online is to take action. How can you expect to make money online if you don’t try. I can’t promise you how long it will take because everyone is different. Everyone learns differently and everyone’s expectations and interests are different.

No one can guide you on this path. Only you can realize your destiny. I can give you courses, tools, suggestions and consultation, but only you can make it happen. Why do you think only 98% of people fail? Because it is hard. If it were easy everyone would be doing it.

There are so many ways to make money online there is no reason everyone can’t enjoy the laptop lifestyle. All you need to do is figure out what it interesting to you and monetize it.

Create A Mind Map

The first thing I suggest you do is make a mind map. A mind map is basically a path to follow in building your business. The first thing you want to do is write down three things you absolutely love. Then below that make a few spaces in between and write down three things you absolutely hate.

Now Break Everything Down Into Subcatagories

Once you have your three things you love and hate written down, these are going to be or could be future websites to build on. So now thake each one of those things you love and hate and underneath each of them create a subcategory. These could be your blog posts.

Love: Drinking Beer –    Creating Websites –      Creating Graphics
1. How to make beer             1.building websites              1. best graphic tools
2. starting a brewing            2. platforms                           2. how to use Photoshop
3. what kinds of beer            3. website hosting                3. cropping images

No do the same thing with the things you hate and for the subcategories use things that would solve the problem you hat so much.

If you don’t love it or hate it enough you will fizzle out and quit

So see how easy it can be to make money online? Once you know what you are passionate about you can create content around that passion and monetize it.

Just Dive In And Get Wet

OK, now that you might have some possible niches you may want to pursue there is nothing like getting wet and going for it. You most likely won’t hit it outta the park the first time, but success is built on lessons learned. So get your feet wet and get a website set up, learn some research techniques and website building techniques and just have fun.

Go To This Free Course That Will Teach You The Basics.

Here is the link to my course (IPA Business Model Course) If you have never ever did anything in internet marketing SEO Techniquesthis is a great place to learn the basics. Then read the next step below about .

Free Website Traffic Using Simple SEO Techniques

In order to make money online you are going to need website traffic or visitors right? So how are we going to accomplish this if we are just starting out?

Well I am going to explain simple, proven and effective ways to get free website traffic and advertising so you don’t have to spend money on driving visitors to your website.

The methods and advice I will share will allow you to simply take away the largest expense of your business. So when you think about it: how much extra money would be left in your pocket if you did not have to pay for advertising?

Generating Thousands of Free Visitors to Your Site By Way of Writing Articles…

Content marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get free website traffic to your website and getting free advertising. So without further ado, let’s get into it and learn all about using articles to generate free traffic

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Once you learn SEO Techniques you might want to take a look at the next free training module about build a sales page.


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make money online

make money online


Making Money Online and Success Is A Journey

Most everyone in this planet wants instant gratification. It is human nature. What we need to do is enjoy the journey of success. Because that journey will come with a bunch of failures. I can guarantee you that for sure. The hard thing to do is and I will even say the brave thing to do is not give up.

You Will Make Mistakes And Fail

If you are afraid of failure don’t start any kind of business at all. Because every single person on the planet that has a business successful or not including myself has failed a bunch of times. That is how you learn.

People Will Mock You and Discourage You

make money onlineWhen you decide to set yourself apart and be your own boss, it comes with a price. You have to decide if being popular or even loved by the people around you is more important than having the freedom to do whatever whenever you want or stay with the status quo.

People you love will say you are wasting your time. The only people making money online are making it from you. It is a scam. Bla Bla Bla. I have heard it all, been ridiculed even by my wife. Made fun of behind my back by my friends and family, but guess what? I never gave up.

Success Only Comes to The People Willing To Do What No One Else Will Do and In The End Will Have What No One Else Will Ever Have.


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