100 Bucks Daily Bonus Review SCAM Or NOT

Is 100 Bucks Daily a Scam? Well lets see, I will give you my honest 100% review with no affiliate links to the product. First yes I think this is a scam. This is my opinion and I don’t think I will be very popular with the gurus for saying this. Here is why I think 100 Bucks Daily is a scam.

First of all the Front End cost is very cheap. It starts out at $6 but if you go to exit a pop up appears that asks you if you really want to leave? Just click stay and you will get it for $4.95 as I did. (Note you can use this trick with most products these days) and get it cheaper.

Once you purchase you have a bunch of up-sells which I hate. Because the up-sells are only so called better versions of the $6 product. After the up-sells you finally get to the members area where first of all you can have access to their 18K case study which is just another scam program that costs you more money.

Then after that you can click through to your purchase which is a video tutorial. I will go through that in a sec but the third thing in the members area is a countdown clock to the expiration of the up-sells. WHOOPEE!!! Who cares?

OK, now for the video tutorial itself. Well these video’s I can tell you are short and watching them you feel like they are in a hurry to get them over with. Like this program was just thrown together with very litttle thought to it.

First video is a welcome video Big Whoop

Second Video is The Big Over view another big WHOOP

Third Video is finding Proven Affiliate Offers Big WHOOP I teach that for free at My Website

Forth Video is their big secret template which is a power point template which you need the power point program to use the dam thing which costs money. If you watch my video HERE I us a free tool called Google Slides which is free. Why do they just assume everyone has the power point program.

Fifth video This is the worst one. First they tell you to use camtaisa to make the video which costs money, or Screen Cam Pro which is free but why not windows movie maker? It is also free and simple to use. They also never explain how to turn the power point into a file to upload as a video.

Sixth Video Their “Secrete Ranking Strategy” It is not such a secret! They just use Fiverr to use a gig to embed your video’s to other high authority sites.

SUMMATION 100 Bucks Daily Sucks

Don’t waist your money. If you want real training and it is free go to one of my websites. ReyAlbert.com or Freebie Seekers Allowed  yes I ask for your name and an email address, but I am just trying to build relationships. I never ask for money or try and sell you shit.

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