3 ways You Are Doing Your Marketing Wrong

Are you wondering why your marketing is going nowhere?

I am here to tell you that your marketing skills probably need a little work. Most people especially if you are just starting your online journey have no clue what you are doing when it comes to marketing.

So I am going to help you not to make the same mistakes I made in the beginning

  • Are you trying to market using TRAFFIC EXCHANGES?

I know, I did the same thing when I started online. You think you are being smart by looking at other peoples advertisements and thinking they are looking at yours as well. So let me ask you, when you are looking at their ads are you really looking or are you just waiting for the clock to run out so you can go to the next one to build up your points for your ads being seen? Point Made

  •  We will show your ad to 10,000 people for $8

    Really? I did the same thing, but are these really 10,000 people or are they 10,000 robots. If you have tried any of these companies, have you gotten any real results with this kind of advertisement?  Me either.

  • How about good old Face Book Ads

Now I am not going to cut up Face book because their ads do work, the problem is that people do not know how to use face Book correctly and so when they don’t get results they blame Face Book. You have to know what you are doing to get results with Face Book other wise you are throwing your money away.

Have you ever bought someones program saying they will bring thousands people to your offer or website for only $7 followed by their SECRETS REVEALED? Man I know I have but for me it was a learning experience that I do not want any of you to experience because truthfully it doesn’t work.

So I am not going to go through all the pitfalls of marketing that are out there on the  internet because there are way more of them and I can’t possibly write about them all. So what I will do is steer you in the right direction.

Because marketing is an art and if you really want success in this space you need to do it right and there is no short cuts to success. So I will direct you to Aa website called “Copyblogger” It does not cost you anything to join and I have learned a lot from them so far. They will teach you how to write good copy so if you do use those FaceBook or YouTube ads you will get the results you want.

It is all about catching your audiences attention  one line at a time and holding them there until you get them hopefully to the end of your piece, what ever it is. If you are not sure how to get started I have several free eBooks on the subject of websites and how to install them along with autoresponders ect.

If you have those in place and need a little guidance check out this eBook Called You Can Make Money Online .

Please visit my website Direct Marketing

To your success

Rey Albert