67 Steps To Finding The Good Life By Tai Lopez Bonus Review

67 Steps To Finding The Good Life By Tai Lopez is a two hour marketing video that teases you of wealth and riches. He tells you HOW HE WENT FROM BROKE TO BUYING A LAMBORGHINI. Well isn’t that what they all say?

Fist let me make this very clear. I am not promoting this program in any shape or form. If you do decide to pursue the 67 steps I gain nothing. I am just giving you my honest opinion about the program.

Haven’t you noticed that all these gurus paint this beautiful picture and get you all hyped up for what? So you can go down to the bottom of the video and click on the button that says claim your spot. This is all this 2 hour video wants you to do, is go down and click the link to save your spot.

Now I believe Tai is actually a success in internet marketing. With that being said he did not come by it easily. If you have been around awhile Tie has a bunch of haters on YouTube claiming he is nothing but an affiliate marketer just trying to sell you stuff. They claim he is a fake and that he is spamming YouTube with all the video spots he can.

Bravo for Tai because that is what you need to do in order to make it online. He has put in a lot of hard work to be where he is today. That is what internet marketing is all about. A lot of hard work.

Now look at his disclaimer at the end of the presentation. “Results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real. These results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated clients have done and should not be taken as average or typical results.”

Do you know why all marketers use this kind of disclaimer? Because people for a lack of a better word are lazy. They don’t want to put in the hard work to get to the LAMBORGHINI, they want to have it in their garage now. Also after you claim your spot by clicking on the button you come to a sign up page.

67 Steps To Finding The Good Life By Tai Lopez

Notice the three points he purposefully puts to the left side of the sign up form. He is telling you that you must work hard to achieve your goals. Tai can bring you to the watering hole but he can’t make you drink it. So you think OK I am willing to work hard and fill in the sign up form. Now this is a tactic every marketer uses to build their list, so take note. Once you fill in your info you come to the product order review.

67 Steps To Finding The Good Life By Tai Lopez

Notice what you get for your $67 dollar purchase. When you click through to the payment screen he goes through what you get again for $67 dollars but how many people are actually going to read the small print that says

Initial Payment $67.00
Tax $0.00
Immediate access to this product or service is available once payment is approved.

Future Payments

Monthly Payment of $67.00 *
* Next payment will be billed 30 days from now.
Amount includes taxes subject to change based on customer location and rate adjustments.

So now you will be on the hook for $67 dollars a month! Is this what you really want? Most marketers do this and know that after a month or two people will unsubscribe to the service. It is a numbers game because believe it or not a lot of people will actually stay in for 6 months before they unsubscribe and have you gained anything? Have you made your millions? No of course not.
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