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Advertising and Promoting Your Business

advertising and promoting your business

Advertising and promoting your business is an attempt to drive traffic to your website using various channels–free and paid. While there are many ways in which you can promote your website through this channel, you should focus on those which are likely to generate the largest return for the smallest costs (including both time and money as costs). This chapter details some of those methods.

Advertising And Promoting Your Business With Pop-up Ads

Pop-ads are one form of advertising and promoting your business that many people hate, but just as many people love them as well. Getting started with pop-up ads isn’t really very tough at all.

After a quick search online, you will find many software programs are available that you can add to your web site to get pop-up ads to appear when people visit your web site.

Also if you have a WordPress site, there are various plug-ins you can use for pop-ads.

Pop-up ads are one good way to offer certain things to your visitors that will catch their eyes right away.

Many people love pop-up ads as they can drive people to another web site you may have. They also work well getting people to subscribe to a newsletter that you may be offering.

Free gifts are another thing that works well with pop-up ads. The biggest mistake that people make with pop-up ads is having too many on your web site or not being able to block them.

If pop-ads are used properly and without malicious software, they are extremely popular. Getting your pop-up advertising takes some time and proper thinking. Don’t rush into it without thinking what you want to accomplish.

Look at it from the customer-side; and you may find a whole new perspective on pop-up ads and the best way to use them. Pop-up ads can be your friend or your enemy; it’s all about how you use them and what you get out of them.

Aweber or Getresponse has great built-in pop-up ad generator together with their autoresponder. If you prefer a free alternative, use your favorite search engine to search for “pop up script” or if using WordPress find a plug-in.

How Effective Is Link-Sharing? For Advertising And Promoting

Link-sharing for advertising and promoting your business is when you and someone else decide to link to each other. Does it really help you? Or does it hurt you? Many people have various opinions on link-sharing and we will try and bust the myths for you and give you the truth amount link-sharing.

First link-sharing does work, but there are some hard fast rules you must remember before you get involved into link-sharing. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to link-sharing is taking links from everyone.

People sometimes think a million links will help their rankings in the search engines, and that just isn’t true at all. Relevant links are more important. A relevant link is a link to another web site that usually has the same subject matter as you. Search engines give more weight to that than just a bunch of links.

Another part of relevant link-sharing is who you’re linking with. Even if it’s in your subject area, it can’t be a web site that just has a million links on it just to have them. As people start to realize that less links that are more relevant will work better, they generally start to use link-sharing a lot more.

There are many companies out there that offer link-sharing where you share links with web sites in your subject area. Most of the time, going through these companies works better than trying to go on your own with link-sharing.

What You Need To Know About Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising has seen its ups and downs in the online industry, (mostly down) but still is one of the more popular forms of advertising. Banner advertising is where you take a banner in various sizes and put them on your web site to offer very products for sale.

Many times, these banners (when clicked) on will take you to another web site. If they buy, then you will usually get a portion of the revenues. Banner advertising, when it was first introduced, was very popular, but like anything, it goes through cycles. Right now, banner advertising is making a comeback and is used a lot more in recent years.

Banner exchanges are another great idea that works well with banner advertising. By joining a banner exchange, you agree to show banners on your site in exchange for people showing your banner on their web sites. This means more traffic to your site and in the end it could be more dollars in your pocket.

Banner advertising many times is over-used. If used properly, though, banner advertising is a great vehicle to use for your business or your cause. Just remember don’t have banner advertising to be your only advertising. Use it with other forms to give you the best possible chance for success and grow your business or cause.

How to Advertise Your Web site

Advertising and promoting your web site isn’t as tough as many people may lead you to believe. Everyone needs to advertise if they want to see their business grow; and thanks to the Internet, it can cost you a lot less than you can imagine. Many people will tell you that free advertising doesn’t work and that just isn’t so.

Free advertising is all over the Internet and some of it works exceeding well. Most classified ad sites have free ads and a number of them get more than six million visitors a month. You can divide your ads into different cities and almost any subject. Other very popular ways to advertise your web sites include traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchanges are where you sit in front of your computer and look at other people’s web sites. In return, others will look at your web site. This is free advertising at its best. Just remember though everyone on these sites are trying to get people to visit their sites. But if you have a memorable ad you will have success.

Other options you have are safe lists, which come in free and paid versions. These are lists you sign up for and that give you the opportunity to send your ad to everyone on the list. The amount of times you can send per day varies depending on if you’re a free or paid member.

Now, besides the free methods, there are also many paid ways to advertise your web site. These range from pay to click ads, where people are paid to click on your ads and see what you have to offer. Other options are solo ads, which are sent to a list of people who want to see ads like yours.

As you can see, there are many ways to advertise your web site with both free and paid options.

How to Use Article Marketing Effectively

Do you use article marketing for advertising and promoting your business? Well, you should think seriously about it, as it has many advantages that people are just finding out about. Article marketing is defined as writing an article and submitting it to blogs, ezines and article directories.

Marketing with articles is really very straight forward and relatively quick to do. Many article directories will let you submit your articles with a link to your web site at the bottom of the article. As these articles are put up on these directories, people search out articles on subjects they want to learn about.

As they read these articles, they find your link and head to your web site. It’s a great traffic builder.

The key to effective article marketing is consistency. You must submit articles daily, as the more articles that you have out there, the more traffic it will bring you. You will be surprised at how many people visit these article directories and the kind of traffic you will receive from your articles.

As more people read your articles, they will seek you out and some will even buy your products. This is why using articles is becoming something that you can do as it costs you nothing but time. The rewards can be great as long as you are consistent in your submitting your articles.

How to Use Podcasts to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Podcasting has been growing every year; and more and more people are using it to drive traffic to their web sites. A podcast is a file that is recorded that people can download off the Internet to their computers or mp3 players. Podcasts can drive traffic to you web sites in a number of different ways.

One of the most popular ones is to adding your web site web address during the podcast. This will drive traffic to your web site as the podcasts become more popular. Another way that podcasts drive traffic to your web sites is by creating a buzz.

People love information; and podcasts can be on most any subject and are loaded to podcast directories. This means you will get a stream of traffic every day from these directories. As you do more podcasts with catchy titles and great content, people will come to your web site even more.

Podcasts can be interactive, which means you can offer them a free gift by stopping by your web site. This will do only one real thing; and that is drive more traffic to your site. Podcasts are being used more and more today and that trend won’t stop anytime soon. If you use podcasts properly, you should have no problem driving more traffic to your web site.

Use Newsletters to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Newsletters are excellent ways to drive traffic to your web site, as the people who get your newsletter are already receptive to your offerings to begin with. Traffic is what everyone needs and using your newsletter is one device that you should use as often as possible.

Send articles to your newsletter subscribers in one or two paragraphs with a link to your web site. As they want to learn more from the article, they will click on the link and head to your web site. Supplementing full articles is another thing to try. After the article is done, insert a link that will give them additional information on your web site.

Make your links in your newsletter bright and bold for your readers to see. If you blend them in too much, they won’t be able to tell they are links. Another great idea is preview your next newsletter and what to expect. Content is king; and the more you put in your newsletters, the better off you will be.

Always remember to have plenty of links to your web site so they can visit your site. The more you give people, the more likely they will click on a link in your newsletter and head to your web site. All these things can be used to drive more traffic to your site.


As you can see, you have dozens of different channels through advertising and promoting your business and drive free and paid traffic to your site; however, some of these are more cost-effective than others.

You should focus on the ones which will generate the greatest returns per dollar spent–regardless of how expensive they are. As long as they generate large and positive returns, you are better off using them than other, less effective methods.

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Advertising and promoting your business

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