Twas The Night Before Arbitrage Underdog Arrived

Arbitrage Underdog Review

Arbitrage UnderdogĀ is basically a robot that skims craigslist classifieds and returns the results that you want using a search field in the program. Then you contact the person who placed the Craigslist ad and offer your services for slightly lower than the going rate one would expect to pay for that certain service.

Once the person agrees to your price for that service you go to and find a person who can do the work for $5 and you pocket the difference. Sounds easy right? Well in theory it is a no brainer, you get a hi price for a certain job and pay someone to do it for $5 and you keep the rest. But what is the catch right? If it is so easy why isn’t everyone else doing it and making real cash!

Well the problem lies in the types of jobs you can get and have fiverr people do it for less. The people at Arbitrage Underdog give the examples of artistic work like eBook covers, Book covers, articles and advertising gigs. If you do a search for book covers you will get a list of people that want book covers made and they will have a certain budget to spend on the project.

But usually they want local people to collaborate with to get just the right cover for them. Plus the fact everyone knows about fiverr unless you have been living under a rock. If they wanted to do a fiverr gig they would do it themselves, not to say there may be a few people out there that are clueless but I think that being clueless is not the norm.

The Bot Is A Cool Tool

Now forget about the taking people for a ride and trying to exploit them through there ignorance. I have found a better use for the Bot. This is really a useful tool for the entrepreneur in that you can get jobs through Craigslist using this tool because you don’t have to search through tons of listings and get the meat of the jobs before the potatoes.

With the bot you can do all kinds of searches for the types of work you want to do and you can do it by state or city. So if you want to say make a few bucks and mow someones lawn in the area, just use the bot.

Is the bot free? No but it is a cheap enough tool, I think I paid around $10 for it, but hey you could always try using it as it was supposedĀ to be used for, they do have useful training videos after you buy it and you can get the advanced bot for a little more money which allows you to search more than one state at a time.

So with that all said that is my take on arbitrage underdog, it isn’t for me. but I do use the bot for my own ends.

To Your Success

Rey Albert

Rey’s Direct Marketing