Baby Boomers Healthy Habits Are Important

Baby Boomers Why Healthy Habits Are Important 

Baby boomers

Baby Boomers are now into their 50s and 60s this year, and are probably among millions of baby boomers who will be coming into retirement within the next couple of years. Even though we live most of our lives planning, saving, and preparing for this new phase, some aspects of Mother Nature can never be controlled. During this new phase, the effects of decades of use and abuse that our bodies have been subjected to will begin to show, with major effects on our health and well being.

The American Hospital Association estimates that by 2030, over 37 million baby boomers will be seeking medical support for one or more chronic conditions. Over 14 million boomers will be seeking support for diabetes, 17 million for arthritis and other joint-related ailments, and a further 21 million will be seeking support for obesity and other weight- related disorders. Obesity further predisposes individuals to other health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Despite the worrying health trends, it’s not all doom and gloom if you are a boomer. All you need to avoid being a statistic is a knack for knowledge and the will to improve your health deep into retirement. In this article, we share some healthy practices that you can easily include in your daily routine that will see you stay healthy and fit as you grow older.

Boomer Health: Healthy Eating Habits

Baby boomersA healthy, balanced diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Most of us will recall several instances when we have eaten king burgers and drowned them with several mugs of beer within a single evening without any side effects. If you are over 50, trying anything close to that will most likely give you a bad stomach, heavy head, or a week-long hangover. Not to mention the increased chances of developing one or more chronic diseases that come with old age. The importance of diet cannot be stressed enough.

With aging, the body naturally slows down and many of its systems are usually functioning under par. Digestive enzymes, for instance, are produced at a lower rate as we approach the half-century mark. Therefore, the boomer diet should ideally consist of lots of vegetables and fruits such as raspberries and cranberries that will help slow down the aging process.

As a boomer, you should also cut down on processed foods and takeout and increase consumption of home-cooked meals in order to control the type and amount of fats and oils consumed. If you are coming into your 50s with a few extra pounds, this is one of the best ways to control weight-related disorders that are usually caused by an accumulation of unhealthy fats. Do not do away with all fats, though; healthy fats and oils are critical for normal functioning of the thyroid, which is responsible for the production of the growth hormone.

Another good dietary practice is to stay hydrated. Fluids such as probiotics or even water will help keep the digestive system in shape as you cruise through your 50s and into retirement. Bone broth is also a good addition to everyday meals. Well-prepared bone broth offers numerous health benefits to boomers, including healthier joints, stronger bones, reduced inflammation, improved digestion, and helping to shed off excess weight.

Getting Healthy with a Workout Program

Baby boomersAs we grow older, we tend to move less because we tire quickly and the need to rest arises almost half the time we are awake. Unfortunately, this piles on tremendous stress on our bodies and increases the aging process. Working out or performing any form of light exercises for at least 2.5 hours every week can result in significant improvements in overall health for most of us. Walking or jogging for 30 minutes on a daily basis can help to maintain health and fitness well into the senior years. If 30 minutes feel like a stretch, breaking it down to two or three 10-minute walks around the block will also have benefits for overall health.

If you can, adding some weekly strength training to your exercise schedule will help preserve your lean muscle content. Biking, climbing stairs, swimming, most sports, or even pressing a hand bell will also help to develop your lean muscle content and keep you healthy for longer. This will also help you improve your strength, coordination, and balance well into your senior years. However, always remember to check with your physician before performing any form of exercise.

Combining a healthy diet and regular exercises is the perfect anti-aging remedy. Physical exertion will always result in varying levels of physical stress, and therefore, it pays to rejuvenate the body with a balanced diet and healthy fluids.

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