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                                                                By Doing What The Super Affiliates Do!

A Special Report

By Rey Albert

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If you are anything like me than you want to create a recurring affiliate income where you work once and get paid forever. An income where you don’t have to think of customer service, product delivery or technical support. It’s no secret that most affiliates are known for their ‘laziness’ (I call it lifestyle ☺) but that’s why we are all here isn’t it? We want to make the most money with the least amount of effort and we want that income flowing into our bank account whether we are on holiday, fishing or traveling the world.

I have discovered a killer method that works like “gang busters” bringing me in up to $6320.65 each month. The best part is that it only took me less than 10 minutes to setup and it is constantly growing each and every month.

Listen, you are about to read in this special report, the techniques and tips that super affiliates use to make 90% more than other affiliates do. But if I were to share with you just one technique that you could instantly apply to get monthly commissions that grow constantly, you would be interested wouldn’t you? Say yes, if I’m talking your language.

I freely admit that if you already have a list that is constantly growing then you instantly have 95% of the formula, but if you don’t have a list do not worry because even you can profit from this opportunity.

Here is the simple 3 step formula…

Step 1. Join an affiliate program offering exceptional commissions for memberships that continuously pay you every month for every subscriber you refer.

Step 2. Use all of the recommended promotional tools but especially add to your auto- responder series a solo ad for the membership or a quality review with bonus.

Step 3. Sit back rake in the money and continually drive traffic to either your autoresponder or other advertisements to continually grow it.

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Super Affiliates Start With People

The average affiliate marketer just goes out and finds a product…any product that has a high commission… and throws up a link and sits back and HOPES that someone will click on it and buy the product. DON’T BE AVERAGE!

When you’re deciding what product to add to your affiliate marketing business, you really shouldn’t be looking at products at all! Instead, you should be looking at people!

Products don’t buy products…people buy products! If you don’t know what the people who are a part of your niche are having problems with, are interested in, are talking about…then how can you sell something to them

Once you’ve decided upon a niche, you need to be a part of that niche…even if it’s just briefly.  Learn to talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s extremely  simple. Just do a search for forums that relate to your niche. Go to them and sign up. Read the posts on that forum. See what problems people are complaining about…see what topics are getting a lot of posts…see who the experts are in that niche.

Sign up for a newsletter or two. That will give you a good idea of the level of marketing in that niche and will also let you learn the “lingo” of the niche. See what products they are talking about and trying to sell. This will also give you an idea of whom to JV with when you start your own affiliate program for your own product!

Ask questions on the forum. Get to know some of the people.  Build relationships with them. After you’re an accepted member of the forum, ask them if they’d mind doing a survey for you in exchange for a nice gift. That’s when they actually tell you what they want and will buy!

Rule 1. People FIRST, then products.

 That philosophy will definitely make you an above average affiliate marketer and increase your affiliate sales. Making people first will almost assuredly create satisfied customers, buyers singing your praise, repeat buyers and all because you went that extra mile.

The average affiliate marketer looks at products first; sees what product has the highest commission and then just throws up a page with a bunch of links and tries to get traffic to it. Is it any wonder that they’re not making very much money?

If you’re just throwing links out there and maybe a picture now and then, all you’re trying to do is sell, sell, sell! Do you like it when someone tries to push  you into buying something? Are you the type that LOVES to go to a used car lot just to be bullied by a salesman?  Probably not!

Or would you rather go into a store where the “salesman” tells you all about a particular item you’re interested in? He gives you a chance to touch it and play with it…to look inside it. He gives you his opinion on the product and tells you novel ways to use it. He tells you stories about other customers that are using the same product and what they’ve found.

He tells you the good and the bad about the product and compares it to others. He finds out what you’re planning to do with the product and gives you great tips on how to do just what you want to do. He builds your trust and builds some rapport with you. He’s just talking  and educating you, not selling you!

That salesman is doing exactly what YOU need to be doing with your affiliate products.  He’s telling, not selling.

Learn to tell not sell and you’ll see a tremendous increase in your affiliate marketing income.  Think of times when you, as a customer, were told, not sold and try to incorporate that style into your affiliate marketing business…you and your affiliate check will be glad you did!

Next Step …

Super Affiliates Know Their Products

Now that you know how you are going to be handling the people side of marketing and you know a lot more about your intended niche than the AVERAGE affiliate, it’s time to research some products. You already know from your people research (forums, surveys, etc.) that a lot of people in the niche are having a certain problem…let’s say putting in golf.

searching to find products that will help people putt straighter. Here’s how to do that effectively and as quickly Now that you know you’re looking for a “putt straightener” product, it’s a simple matter to do some as possible.

There are a TON of websites that you can use to find applicable products, but the top 4 to use are:

Individual products may have an affiliate program of it’s own so if you personally use a program check out selling it to others. Check your favorite products to see if they have an affiliate program and you can pick up extra income by just telling people what you are personally using and giving them a chance to have the same great experience!

If you do not use the product yourself here’s where you have to do some digging. Once you’ve found a list of products that you may want to sell to your new niche, you need to explore those products thoroughly. Check out the sales page you’ll be sending your visitors to; check out the company behind the product…are there any complaints   about

them on the Internet? Are the affiliates happy with them? Check out the terms  of service for affiliates…how often do they pay you…how do they pay you…is there a minimum commission…so there are no surprises for you when you start to sell a bunch of their products.

Get in contact with their affiliate manager, if they have one, or the product  owner and see what tools they have to help you sell their product.  See what  type of support you feel you’ll get from them.

Do your due diligence here and you’ll be FAR above average in both your marketing efforts and your affiliate income.

This may seem very elementary, but how are you going to sell something you’ve never even held in your hands, or read? How are you going to be able to tell someone about it face-to-face unless you’ve used it?

This single point is what REALLY sorts out the average affiliate marketer from the super-affiliates. The very successful affiliate marketers always know  exactly  what their products look like…what they feel like…even what they smell like! They know their products.

This is something you have to be doing if you expect to increase your affiliate sales. Here’s how to do that. Most digital product owners will give you a free copy of their product if you ask them for it…some of the great digital product owner will include the freebie in their affiliate tools or at least give you a good discount on the product.

Physical products may be a little different… but it doesn’t hurt to ask, you may  be surprised! If you explain your marketing to the owner and tell them how effective other campaigns have been for you, the owner may give you a product or at least sell it to you at cost.

Even if you have to pay full retail, the purchase is well worth it. You’ll know just how good the product is…its great selling points, its good selling points and its not-so-good points that you need to tell your customers all about.

Think of telling your best friend about a product. The first question he’s going to ask is, “Have you tried it?” When you tell him that you haven’t, what are the chances that he’s going to be real interested in what you have to say about it?

KNOW your product and you’ll have taken a HUGE step towards being an above average affiliate marketer and increasing your affiliate sale

Super Affiliates Build Trusting Relationships

People buy from who they trust. Many of these methods listed here are designed to build trust; from going the extra mile, to buying the product yourself so you can really tell people more about it, to writing a “tell it like it is” review.

Other ways to build trust are:

  1. Be available for a little basic product support, especially right after the sale, whenever possible. People often have a fear of abandonment right after purchases, and for just cause. Think back on the number of items you’ve purchase before and how no one responded to your Help Desk tickets, or you were maybe only given a long distance number that rang busy all the time – or not at all (scary!) or maybe the only phone number had voicemail and buttons to keep choosing, leading you nowhere except around an unending loop of automated voices looping you further into menus of  useless  choices  –  with  no  human  or  other  help  at

|And don’t forget about those people who send you to FAQs pages or Help menus that are multi-levels deep to sift through for hours and days on end, never really answering your question that would probably take 2 seconds with a human contact on the phone or via a personal email of about a paragraph, if that much, in length.

Even though you may not be “the” support team of the affiliate products you sell, you’ve already confirmed that you have indeed purchased and used  the  products.  So do try to help out a little when possible.

  1. If you do get a lot of support-type questions coming your way, start your own help desk and set up your own “Most frequently asked questions…” page and point customers there. Plus contact the seller’s company and let them know all the questions you are getting. In a way, you are a team, selling the product So don’t be afraid to work together, too.
  2. List your own contact information on your website and in your email and autoresponder Offer means to call, email and write in for help.

Would you buy from somebody who went this far? I know I sure would.

All of the methods discussed here in this report will add to your trust factor. And as the person you are trying to convince to buy from your affiliate link gains  more trust in you, your chances of sales success increase.

It is vital to get potential buyers to trust you. So always give quality content and always, always go that extra mile. The more you can get people to trust you, the more your sales will increase, and that’s a fact.

But why go this far?

Before I answer that let me ask you this “Which one of these scenarios would most make you want to buy?”

  1. Someone tells you about a great new product they have heard about. They suggest that you give it a
  2. Someone tells you about something they tried just last week. They share some details – maybe even a tiny detail or two that could have turned into a huge negative issue but was turned into a positive one instead – and how the product really works for them and how they’ve benefited from it

Well, of course it would in likelihood be

2. Why? True accounts as personal recommendations, especially those that are more “real,” with emotional hype left out, are a key route to sales success.

Super Affiliates Love To Write Testimonials

 Testimonials sell because once again your not just saying, hey look at this new product… now buy it. You putting you into the picture a person they trust and want to hear their opinion.

Creating Your Own Testimonial Story…

Here are some general guidelines to follow when writing out your recommendation:

      1. Open – Give details Discuss how you initially learned about the product. What were you looking for and what led you to your purchase?
      1. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – What happened once you decided to buy? Make sure to share real facts, not hype. For example, did the order button on the sales page not work, making you almost decide to give up? Or maybe you couldn’t remember where you downloaded the file and felt worried about a tough installation and activation? If so, you could mention these kinds of items, in case they do happen with others and scare them Then continue your story and let people know you were glad you hung in there because….(#3 point next.)
      1. Detailed Benefits – Give specifics, don’t just say, “This eBook is great!” Tell why. Which chapter did you turn to right away? Without giving away the content inside, how did the eBooks’ information help you – did you earn more money, for instance? Work less? Share some of your ROI (return on investment) so that people can discover how the product can help and get them more excited, closing them in on their
      1. Closing Call to Action – Challenge others reading your testimonial to purchase and try the product themselves with the 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Let them know they have nothing to lose, etc. Help pre-close the sale.

So I highly recommend that you buy and use the products that you are going to promote as an affiliate. Know exactly how they benefit you. And then share the details with others in a personal manner.

Your personal recommendation – your honest, true-to-life experience with your own purchase and use of the products you are promoting – is a key route to your affiliate sales success.

Recommending products that you have tested and know are good will always increase sales.

Yes it may cost you money in the short term, but in the long term your affiliate sales will increase so that you easily get your initial investment back and quickly move on to profit.

Super Affiliates Profit From Reviews

 You have all this information on the product now what; Just a testimonial? No.

Now that you know your niche and the people in it…you know their problems  and how to talk to them…you know what products they’re interested to help them solve their problems…you’ve got the product and tried it out yourself…it’s time to tell your visitors about it.

The most effective way, by far, to do that is to write a good review of the product. A GOOD review isn’t just a line that says, “This is a GREAT product, grab yours while you can!” and add an affiliate link. Everybody does that and

everybody gets just a small percentage of the sales that they could be making if they did it right.

A GOOD review is one that the visitors to your site think is good…it doesn’t matter what you think about it! Make your review of the product as thorough  and comprehensive as possible. Don’t be afraid of issuing a 2 or 3 page review  of a product…there’s an ulterior motive in there we’ll touch on later in another tip.

Write your review just like you were telling your best friend about the product. Talk to just one person…not everyone in the world…and your writing will sound very personal to your visitors.  They want to think that you’re talking to only  them about the product.

Make sure you talk about the product in a fair and balanced way. Don’t just rave about it in general terms. Be specific! If the product itself is good, but the instructions are bad, tell your visitors that. If installing the script or putting the product together was difficult, tell them that too. The good, the bad and the ugly!

Make your visitors see the product through your eyes…make them feel what you felt about the product. If you thought it was a good deal, then chances are they will too…and that means a sale for you!

Enhance Your Reviews

At this stage, you will “grow” or enhance your review content with personal recommendations and multi-media to help sell your readers.

 Take a look at your original review and find ways to enhance it and add more review comments along with your original ones. This will help people who:

      1. Return to your site several times for follow up via your autoresponder messages. Everyone likes fresh content, so they’ll see that you keep adding
      1. Learn, shop and buy via different senses and methods: i.e. many people learn best by reading text, others enjoy more visuals like digital images, and still others learn through hearing (audio) and movie-type formats (video). So the more content you host, the more visitors you can interest in buying and coming back for
      2. Can’t decide and want to “think about it” before buying. Your enhanced reviews will help guide them through the closing process, answering any objections they may have along the
      1. New visitors who find you because your content shows up in the search engines for them! They want to learn more about your affiliate products, but your competitors sure don’t have the info you have. You obviously have more info on the product. You are the So they want to buy from you. Yes!

The main site should have testimonials to kick this content off. Start with those, and then add your own, especially your own story about how you purchased and how you have benefited from the purchase. Add digital photos and a video clip with “before” and “after” results with your purchase. Add an audio file about your experience, too, so that your visitors can download it and listen to it on the road in their MP4 players.

Then follow up after sales… when somebody buys through your link ask your clients for feedback, audio interviews, digital shots of them using the product, etc. Give them a link on your website in exchange for their participation. Make a habit with each sale to ask for this feedback right away; include a message about it in your Thank You message. And don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.

What do you do when you buy something neat? You tell your friends. So ask for their friends’ email addresses so that you can:

      1. Help your customers share their great news, and;
      2. Help inform their friends about your product so that they can benefit from its purchase,

YES! You can do this as an affiliate.

This personal approach should really assist you to make even more sales!

Super Affiliates Only Use Excellent Sales Pages

 If a picture paints a thousand words then your words can paint a thousand pictures.

Now true enough, there are many affiliate programs that use state of the art sales letters; i.e. when people go click on the site via your affiliate link, many of them will buy. BUT…. There are other a couple of other possible scenarios that happen. Once you learn about these, you can nip them in the bud and resolve to get even more affiliate sales.

First, not all affiliate programs have great sales letters.

Second, others do have great sales letters, but they seem a little repetitive or hide the ordering and price information dozens of screens away – when the product is so good many people just want to buy – but in reality they get bored and click away!

So deal with the first problem. Get better copy to make more sales.

 And to deal with the second problem, get shorter “Buy It Now!” copy to make more sales.

 But, I hear you saying, “It’s their copy, what can I do about it?”

Well the solution to both problems is Pre-sell The Affiliate Product Yourself!!!

 And here’s how. Create your own Pre-sell Affiliate Product Sales Page and end it with your affiliate sales link.

You can take all the best sales copy bits from the products sales page, add your own sales copy (or get someone to do this for you) and have your affiliate order link on the page. Make sure you pretty much cover these main areas in your sales copy for maximum sales potential:

      1. Capture Attention with a Great Headline – Study headlines that draw your attention. Check popular ones in newspapers and online articles today that make you “click” and want to read more. Then jot down a bunch of possible titles that focus around the main benefit offered by your product and select the best one for your sales page. (You can always test clicks and try another title later, too).
      1. Interest & Desire – Develop interest by telling a short story about how your product helped someone – you! Paint a picture with your words. And create desire for your Tell them “What’s in it for you?” Then list complete bulleted reasons of exactly what time your product will save them, how much work, etc.
      1. Testimonials / Proof – Include short blurbs from client feedback about how they enjoyed using the product. Many of these should already be on the affiliate site for you to use in your
      1. Call to Action – Ask for the sale. Tell you reader exactly what to do and close the

There are many educational copywriting books and courses out there from sales pros to help you create super sales letters. So if you need help, start with the public library and online articles for more helpful tips. Successful copywriting is essential to become a super affiliate.

Super Affiliates Use Video To Their Advantage

 Go a step further. If a picture is worth a thousand words… How much do you think a video is worth?

If you REALLY want to super-charge your affiliate sales, do a video review of the product you’re selling. Have you ever wondered why Circuit City and Best Buy

and even Wal-Mart have their sales items out where you can see them, touch them and pick them up and play with them?

That’s simply because the technique increases sales tremendously! It’s not very easy to let a visitor to your website touch and play with a product you’re selling. But…and here’s the key…YOU can do it for them with a good video.

With technology today, making a video is extremely simple. All you need is a video camera… borrow one, rent one, buy one… and a FREE program called Windows Movie Maker. You may even have this in your computer already since some of the newer computers are shipped with it already installed. If not, you can get it free from the Microsoft site at

Make a movie of you using the product, taking it out of the box, putting it together…the whole process. Show the product up-close and personal. Show them how YOU use it.  Make them feel that they’re holding it and playing with it.

If your product is a piece of software, use a program called Windows Snipping Tool to take screen shots or another program called Screencast-O-Matic to actually film you using it. If your product is a book, make sure your review has good pictures of the cover  and a few excerpts… You are really only limited by your imagination.

For example Chris Rempel uses screen capture video to describe a new way to get free traffic to your site. He suggests a social membership site but for specific niches. He really sells this idea of getting traffic but then he emphasizes that clones are very expensive to buy. He then gives the solution of a fantastic script for a fantastic price. This is a fantastic example of using video and reviews to sell affiliate products.

You’ll be amazed at what this one technique will do for your affiliate sales! Jump in and start using it today.

Let’s Take It Up A Notch…

The True Secret That EVERY Super Affiliate Applies

When you first realize that 95-99% of the visitors to your website don’t buy anything, that realization can be a little disheartening. You’ve worked hard to get traffic to your site…and not just traffic, but targeted traffic that is interested in your products…and only 5-6 out of 100 buy anything! Here the best way to fix that immediately.

This is where you start to dangle the bait.

If you aren’t doing something to capture the name and email address of your visitors, you’re wasting the time and effort you put into getting them to your site in the first place.

The key to building a good, RESPONSIVE list is to treat the people who are part of it EXACTLY how you would like to be treated. Give them good solid information that is right on target for what they’re looking for. If they are golfers, give them great tips and tricks on  how to be a better golfer… give them LOTS of information and then give them your review of a product  that you actually  think  may help them golf better. Earn their trust…treat them right and they’ll come back to you again and again to purchase the things they need and want.

Building a list is vital when it comes to building a solid affiliate marketing business. Learn as much as you can about list building. Figure out how you’re going to incorporate list building into your business.

The old saying in marketing is, “The Money Is in the List”. Build a list the right way and you’ll be taking a HUGE step toward exploding your affiliate marketing income.

Every top internet marketers and super affiliate say that the “Money is in the list!” The good news is that most affiliate programs are ready-made for email success. So in order to succeed you need to build your list with a good series of emails and get started on a good list-building system.

More often than not, affiliate programs provide you with catchy emails that are pretty much guaranteed to increase sales. You can just simply copy and paste their messages into your own email and then send them out to your email contacts, substituting your own affiliate link for the original one first, of course. But we both know that is what most affiliates do, the average ones, super affiliates personalize their messages and totally rewrite the owners recommended email so that it doesn’t read anything like the original. Yes use the original as a base and build on it but don’t copy, paste and send.

Now since it is a proven fact that it may take up to seven contacts or more before an Interested Prospect turns into a Committed Buyer, you will want to send out enough follow up emails to help ensure your affiliate sales success. Each message should feature a benefit of the affiliate product you are trying to promote, and towards the end of each message, insert your affiliate link with a small ad, an invitation to buy now.

Write (Or Have Written) A Bait Piece

You may not be familiar with the term “bait piece”, but it’s an important way to REALLY increase your affiliate sales. Here’s what a bait piece is and what it can do for you.

Think of fishing. You dangle a piece of bait… a worm, a lure… in front of a big bass to entice him to take a bite.  Inside that worm is a   hook

and when he bites it, he gets the hook too! In marketing, a bait piece is a high- perceived value item that is specifically targeted to the niche you are working in.

A bait piece is essential to building a list. You HAVE to have a list if you want to make money through affiliate marketing. When you figure that the HUGE

majority of your visitors don’t make a purchase through your affiliate link on their first visit…it just makes sense to have a way to get in contact with them again and again.  A good bait piece allows you to do that.

If you’re selling a golfing product, it makes sense to offer an interview with a pro, a download of a great book on putting, a weekly course on how to putt straight…anything that your visitors would perceive as a valuable free gift. You give it to them in exchange for signing up to receive your weekly or monthly newsletter.  THAT’S how you have multiple contacts with that visitor!

Search for good resources that you can give away but once again make sure yours is unique, no point in trying to build a list with something that is freely available in hundreds of different places. Write your own or have it written for you. Ask the product owner or affiliate manager if they have any content that you can give to your visitors in order to help sell the product…they usually have something that will help you.

A bait piece and a newsletter signup form is a powerful technique to get your affiliate income going on over-drive…make sure you understand it and start  using it!

This is SO key…make sure you’re selling the right product to the right people. If you don’t have an email list yet, or you have a small one or are looking to grow yours, this section is for you!  Here are tips to grow your list.

Sig Files in Email and Forum Posts

You can add a signature (sig) file to every email you send out; to friends, colleagues, business contacts, people who request information or help from you, etc. Look through your email system to learn how to set up your sig file and get it set up ASAP!

Also when you post to forums on the Internet, you can generally include some type of sig file that can automatically attach to each post. Check with each forum to see specific requirements first and see how other people post using their sigs, then set yours up similarly.

Hint: Don’t jump on board and start spamming, posting comments like, “Get my eBook now!” Stay low key at first, read posts for awhile and get a feel for the forum. All forums have their own personalities. Then gradually post, making replies that can help others out who’ve started threads that ask for help. That’s the best way to communicate, starting out with forums.

For sig file ideas, text small ads to see how many subscriber you add to your list like:

Sincerely, John Doe

Jumpstart Your Home-Based Business with Government Grants. For your free report entitled, “101 Ways to Get Uncle Sam to Pay YOU!”

Send a blank email to:

<insert autoresponder email address for that list>


      • Do remember to check sig lengths and other sig rules for each forum!
      • Experiment with your sig sales copy, trying out power words like MONEY, CASH, POWER, SUCCESS, FORTUNE, SEX
      • In addition people have a burning desire to learn things so DISCOVER, HOW TO, LEARN, REVEALED and SECRETS are also power
      • For more help, turn to copywriting books and advertising, sales and marketing text from your local There are also hundreds on helpful articles online in article directories, too.

With sig files like this, all of the emails that you send out and all of your forum posts will become like an affiliate sales force for you. Charge ahead!

Affiliate programs offer a viable solution to competing against larger competitors and still make money. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them!

Super Affiliates Use Autoreponders

To help with handling your email contacts plus regular distribution of your email message series, set up an autoresponder. You will need to set up one autoresponder specifically for each affiliate product that you want to promote  and choose a good autoresponder company like Getresponse with plenty of satisfied clients using their system.

Message Content Tips:

Your autoresponder messages are actually mini-sales letters. So if you have no experience in writing or revising sales copy, you may benefit by borrowing some books from your local library on the topic. Creating ad copy is also a form of specialty writing, and you can check out helpful books for improving in this area, too.

Once your messages are all loaded, create a form for your autoresponder by following the directions and any help tutorials offered by your autoresponder service. Add this form to your website so that you can invite people to sign up.

Since some people prefer to send an email in to subscribe to autoresponders instead of completing a sign up form, add this method to your website, too, to get the most subscribers you can and build a list. To locate the email address for your autoresponder series, just check with your set up instructions to determine what it is. Once you have it, add it along with simple instructions (to send in a blank email) on top of or below your form so that people can subscribe via email instead of completing the form.

To increase sign ups, and hence grow your list, there are several areas to focus on for improvements as time permits. You can improve your email messages, your ads, your website sales letter that invites people to sign up via your form and autoresponder email address, your web page appearance; color scheme, theme, header, background, graphics and speed (example: large graphic files could slow page from loading resulting in visitors passing you by).

Do you think people that have signed up to get a golfing newsletter that contains tips on how to putt better from you would like to read about trips to golfing resorts?  Or how about golfing accessories? Of course, they would!

If you sit down and think about any niche, you can find other, complimentary niches that fit right in with it.  If you are truly focused on giving your subscribers

good content that they’ll read, enjoy and, more importantly, use in their lives, then you’re doing them a disservice if you don’t at least tell them about other things that go along with their hobby/passion/interest.

You may also want to let everyone, on every list you have, know exactly what other newsletters you publish and maybe give them a neat little bonus for subscribing to any of them that they may be interested in. You’ll’ be surprised how many good subscribers you can pick up this way! They already know and trust you… if you’re doing things right… and are much more likely to buy the new niche products from you than people who have just joined your list.

Taking a survey of your subscribers is also a great technique to see what other topics they may be interested in. Grab hold of a PHP survey script and set up a quick little survey and send the link to it to all of your subscribers. Give them a good gift for completing the survey and you’ll be surprised at how many responses you get.

Those survey responses are pure gold! They’ll tell you exactly what other niches you can get into…and get this…these subscribers already know you, have come to trust you and very likely will buy from you!  Now that’s a warmed up list!

Constantly be thinking about how you can best recycle your list and still give your subscribers good valuable content and a good product now and then! It’ll make your affiliate income skyrocket!

Super Affiliates Use Multiple Lists

 With Internet email and SPAM laws, it’s important to make sure your affiliate email marketing and list-building campaigns are up to par with online regulations. Concerning your autoresponder set up and email message series,  you need to know that top autoresponder companies today strictly forbid the use of their service to be used in unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM campaigns. They have a standard Zero-Tolerance policy against SPAM, be it direct, third party or any affiliate or similar agent acting on the account holder’s behalf.

What does this mean to you? Basically this: your content that is discussed in each message of your autoresponder series must fit as closely as possible to what your list officially signed up for initially.

In other words, do offer your subscribers some great tips on gardening if the affiliate product you are promoting is a great lawn renovation product. However, do not turn around and offer your subscribers great cake making tips if the product that you originally promoted to them to get them to sign up via your form was a great lawn renovation product.

Multiple Lists

What you can do to that you are not limited to selling only one type of product,  is set up more than one autoresponder. Then cross-promoted each list to the other, inviting your subscribers from one list to subscribe to the other list.

To cross-promote, your message must still focus on the original product the subscriber signed up for via your form. Then at the end of your message, or  even in a different place within the main message like towards the top or in the middle, you may include a small advertisement or sponsorship blurb about your other autoresponder series. Simply jot down the main benefit of signing up for the other list and customize it for members on your current list. Then include a link or email address for your other autoresponder at the end of the ad. That is allowed.

Keep in mind that it still will take many people at least seven times to read your ad before they decide to reply in a positive manner; i.e. sign up for your other list. So have patience and remember to sprinkle your ad in each message of the autoresponder series for maximum list-building potential. And note that not everyone will want to sign up for cross-promotions, and that’s fine, too.

Super Affiliates Think Outside The Box

If you want to increase your affiliate sales then take a different approach then every other affiliate is taking. Think of a new idea for the product you are promoting.

Let’s use an example here. Say the product you are promoting is all about weight loss. Maybe the original affiliate sales letter hasn’t concentrated enough on the health angle. Seize on this opportunity, focus on the health angle in your own sales letter and autoresponder messages, and you can increase your affiliate sales.

Or how about this example: Maybe they are concentrating on selling the weight loss product to mainly males and have not spotted the fact that the product is equally good for both males and females. So you jump on this idea and run with it in your promotions.

Here are many ways to create new ideas for your affiliate product promotions:

      1. Check current trends and tie a recent theme in with your campaign. An example: MP4 players are popular with business people on the road, so you can promote how you can download your audio product and listen to it while driving back and forth to work.
      2. Look into gender-related issues. Example: even if the product is for women, let men know they should buy it for their ladies for Mother’s Day, birthdays, to help make up after fights, for Christmas and other holidays, as a Thank You gift, etc. Give them reasons to buy!
      3. Go through magazines and newspapers around your home and office for more ideas. Example: a local newspaper with these sections could spark the following ideas: Travel (how can vacationers and traveling business people benefit), Health (look into the health angle), Business (how can    this    benefit    home-based    business    people),
      4. Brainstorm – sit quietly with pencil and paper and re-read your sales What comes to mind? Jot any and all ideas down.
      5. Comparisons – compare apples to oranges and let people know the bottom line: why they should
      6. Do the math – Add mathematical statistics to your sales Show ROI (return on investment) in testimonials. Add up the savings. Add up the benefits versus costs.

Get help – head to the Small Business Administration at: and S.C.O.R.E. at: , an affiliate of theirs with retired business people who offer free email help.

Your bottom line is this:

Once you come up with a marketing angle along these sort of lines, targeting a new audience for the product, then you have just taken a major step towards increasing your affiliate sales.

Remember this it’s important… make sure you’re promoting the right product to the right people. With the right bonuses.

Super Affiliates Add Appropriate Unique Bonuse

There so are many affiliates trying to sell the same product so just how do you stand out from the crowd and sell more? Simple! Use the, “Buy This AND get this…” method.

Add a bonus that only people who buy the product through your affiliate link get. I have seen many of the top sellers on the Internet use this method to great success.

So what exactly can you add?

Well, there is a world of products out there. Just one simple word of advice. Whatever you offer, make sure that it will be of interest to the person who clicks on your affiliate link. For example, give them free access to a seminar if you run them, give them a free email course, give them software, give them an eBook that complements what they will buy from your affiliate link… if you offer unique bonuses that compliment your product you will get people buying through your link just to get them.

 If someone has purchased via your affiliate link, send him or her, a personal thank you plus send him or her a extra-unadvertised bonus. A key is to make the bonus items beneficial to both your client and you. For example, create an eBook that is compatible with their purchase made through your affiliate link, maybe a guide on how to make the most out of their purchase.

Then brand the eBook with your URL and other contact information, and then include some good ads and product images throughout for additional affiliate products to purchase – all with your affiliate links. Keep in mind that it is much easier to sell someone after he or she has already made a purchase. So go for backend sales and referrals. Referrals can come from your customer’s distributing your eBook to their friends.

Other excellent bonuses to offer are audio recordings, videos, ecourses and reports. As with the ebook, make all topics focus on subjects that are compatible to the products and services you are selling. And brand each with your contact information and new ads that carry your affiliate links for more backend sales.

Here are a few tips on making the most of these bonuses:

      1. With audio, you can include an affiliate link to a new product and a blurb about it under the audio link that your customer needs to click to run the file, plus in a bonus message with instructions about the free audio. Also mention the affiliate link and brief ad announcement about it in the audio recording itself, and in a follow up email
      1. Your video could feature how to install and begin using the affiliate product the client just purchased in order to get this bonus, for example. Or host a video tour of its features. And similar to how you set up a new affiliate link and ad message in your audio announcements, do so
      1. Set up an ecourse as a series of messages in an Your ecourse can focus on how to get the most out of their purchase plus introduce new affiliate products in sponsor ads, one in each message, for instance. And since some people prefer not to wait for an entire ecourse to arrive via autoresponders, especially with email filtering issues today, offer an option to download the entire ecourse in ebook form – complete with your URL, other contact info and affiliate promotions, of course.
      1. Bonus reports can offer case studies or interviews of successful people who have purchased the affiliate product packaged with this. Plus they can pre-sell other compatible affiliate products, so insert your affiliate promotions and URL with other contact info here,

You can also invite your customers to share all of these bonuses with others so that you can gain valuable traffic, leads and more sales from the recipients of these and their friends, too, as they pass them along down the line; viral marketing in action.

When possible, allow those who have purchased from you an opportunity to co-brand the link (like with two-tiered affiliate programs) i.e. insert their own affiliate link within the viral product so that they can earn a percentage of sales generated from their own distribution. You’ll have a sales force all your own out there helping grow your business!

Just a word of warning for you…

The entire package, your affiliate product and your bonuses – need to be compatible with each other. For example, if the main product tells the buyer exactly how to save money by following the steps in their new, “Do it Yourself Car Repair Guide,” potential buyers for this guide are unlikely to consider any additional items added to the package as “value added” items, if you, for example, include software that will allow them to see a visual representation of the solar system on their computer (If they have one!) and an extra eBook giving them ice cream recipes.

Now if you take that same “Do it Yourself Car Repair Guide” and packages it with a compatible eBook as a bonus, say one that taught readers exactly where to pick up spare parts for their cars at great prices, then they be much more likely to consider that a “value added” bonus. They would want to buy by clicking your affiliate link.

 How can you find out what makes a good bonus item?

 Conduct a little research. You can check out your competition and see what they are offering as bonuses. You can send out a survey and ask your subscribers what type of bonuses might be of interest. And you can check chat rooms and forums to see what people are talking about in your product field, find out what they want, what’s popular.

Then either try to find what people want already available in a manner that’s able to be packaged with your product (i.e. maybe you can purchase rights to include it in a package), or create the bonus item yourself or hire someone else to create it, and voila!

So add one, two, three bonuses and make your Affiliate Profit Increase as easy  as 1-2-3! And finally…

Super Affiliates Take ACTION!

By now, if you’ve read all of these great ways to increase your affiliate sales, you MAY have realized that what you set up… if you’ve implemented these tips… is a system that will work for any niche, any time!

THAT’S the key to having a stable income from affiliate marketing – many streams of income all growing and profiting! That way, if one niche suddenly dies… think buggy whips… your income doesn’t suffer very much since it’s easy to plug another niche into the system, go through the steps and start a replacement income stream.

The secret to this method knows when to let a niche just perk along on its own and when to work hard on it. If you leave a niche too early…before you  have a good stable cash flow and before you have a list that’s growing on a reliable basis… it will allow that niche to wither away and die.

BUT…on the other hand, you can get caught up in a niche and spend lots of unproductive time in it… tweaking each step even though you see no results is a good example of this. Sure, tweak and test until you see more sales or sign-ups, but not to the point of wasting time that could be better spent developing another niche.

The ideal situation would be to have 20 good, stable, income-producing niches. That way, you can merely check your stats every day and decide to work HARD on one niche that day. At the end of a month, you’ve worked hard on all of your niches and have some time to develop a few more.

If you have a system set up and ready to plug new niches into, you’re far, far ahead of the affiliate marketing field and on your way to being a super-affiliate. Affiliate marketing is not rocket science! You CAN do it, and do it well… if you have a system and a plan.

Now All You Have To Do Is Just Get To Work And Do It!

 All the best for your online success, Sincerely,

Rey Albert

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