Best Free SEO Tools 2017 Plus Keyword Research

Best Free SEO Tools 2017

Best Free SEO Tools 2017 Plus Keyword Research

If you are a Website owner or operator, you surely would be in search for the Best Free SEO Tools 2017 Plus Keyword Research tool that would effectively help in optimizing the overall content and package rank of your site. Because the objective is to entice or catch the attention of online readers.

Getting the Best Free SEO Tools 2017 to complement or accessorize the SEO is crucial. If you are not yet fully aware and familiar about such tools, it would be helpful if you would get to know the most commonly used a SEO tools available. Here are the most common and easily accessible.

 Keywords suggestion software

Before writing content to be put in the Website, you should be aware that there are ways of formulating keywords. The idea behind SEO is that content should contain basic keywords that are easily retrievable and searchable within the Internet.

If you are covering a certain topic or subject, it is important that you know which keywords online users usually or often use when using the search engines for such subjects.

One of the Best Free SEO Tools 2017 Currently, is from  Google.

Google AdWords, launched by Google is specifically used as a keywords suggestion tool for SEO writers and Website owners. This should be the start of your keyword research. If you would use AdWords prior to producing the content for your Website, you would at least have an idea of what people are searching for in the keywords.

To use the keyword planner you must have a gmail account and sign up for Adwords. Once there just click on tools then keyword planner.

Going the extra mile

Most people don’t realize this, but the keyword planner will not show you all possible keywords for your search. What I do is pick the best keywords from the keyword tool that have a lot of searches and medium to high competition.

This is because these medium to high competitive keywords is what advertisers are competing for to advertise with. Which means they are getting results with them or they wouldn’t spend money to advertise them.So make a list of keywords and then just use the google search bar in your browser and type in a keyword.

You will then notice more suggestive keywords populating below what you are typing. Take note of as many of these keywords as you care to. Every time you type in another key word you will get more suggestions. The possibility’s are endless.

Best Free SEO Tools 2017 google result 6

Now these new keyword suggestions are what real people are searching for. You will find log tail and short tale keywords.

Once you have a good list of keywords for your content it is time to research those for competition (can you out rank these sites.)  Total searches and exact match search.

This is how we do that

When you first type in your keyword or phrase you will see a total of search results that are not exact. See below.

Best Free SEO Tools 2017 google result 5

OK, Now lets see how many exact search results we can find. This is people typing in the exact keyword or phrase. You do this by putting the keyword or phrase in quotes like below. Notice the results are less but this is still a huge number.

Best Free SEO Tools 2017 google result 3

Now lets see the competition which means how many results will we get of people actually using SEO techniques to rank for this keyword phrase. You do this by using the string – allinurl:I need cash – see below

Best Free SEO Tools 2017 google result 2

Now the above results show over 14,000 results. But as you can see in the top three results, none of the sites are fully SEO configured. This means if you configure your content with the keyword or phrase in the title, URL, meta description and in your content, you can out rank these sites.

Do this with all your top keywords or phrases. Then use your very best results to put in your title, URL, and meta description. Then also use it in your content but also sprinkle all the other keywords (where they make sense) throughout and you will have keyword rich content.

Link popularity checker more of the Best Free SEO Tools 2017

Traffic dictates the overall effectiveness and profitability of a Website. The more users the Webpage attracts and engage, the more lucrative the site gets. That is because advertisers, would naturally and logically aim to place their investments at the right sites.

Because they could easily and more possibly tap into potential customers. It is like television advertising, where advertisers would practically place ads on TV shows that have high ratings or viewership like the SUPERBOWL.

There are many online businesses that are offering such popularity checking features. All you have to do is do a search like below.

Best Free SEO Tools 2017 google result

It is advised that you use these services so that you are able to determine how many online users are actually using or reading your site. And how your Website is faring competitively against you competitors.

Site report card

This tool is essential especially if you are still haven’t launched the Website. Prior to the launch of your Website, you should make sure that your site is check for all your information. In printing, this activity is more like editing or proofreading before the actual printing and distribution of copies.

The site report card would help you generate information about your Website, like analysis of keywords, usability and effectiveness of keywords and so on. You could also check if your content has typographic mistakes of if there would be a link failure, which you should ultimately prevent from happening.

I myself use Website Grader which is a free tool and gives you a great report card. If you are using a WordPress platform you can also use a plug-in called SEO-Yoast. This plug-in will help you with all aspects of SEO.

One more thing. I found an article that has great information for using the best free SEO tools. You can  check it out here just remember as time goes on some of these tools may not be free anymore but most of them are.

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