Best Job In The World Is Not Having One

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Best Job In The World? What would Steve or Bill Do?

Getting up in the morning is spectacular when you can do with the day what you wish, that is the best job in the world. I woke up to day excited to write this post to help you dream a little. You see I have been working on my Marketing business for a few years now and have learned so much.

Am I an expert that can’t learn anything else? Heck no, I am still learning because nothing ever remains the same in Internet Marketing. All search engines change their algorithms including sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and all the rest. Yes Social platforms have become search engines like Google and Yahoo.

So it is that reason why I can help you with your marketing. I have been exposed to all the changes in the last few years and I know what works and what does not. I am consistently on the look out for the latest trends and what is working for others.

If you are new to this platform I can help you navigate right past all the land mines out there. What I mean by that is their are people out there that are selling outdated products promising the world and using outdated free giveaways as a bribe to get your email address  and then spam the crap out of you to try and make a sale.

These are the people that have been taught by the old timers who have just adapted their tricks as search engines evolved. The old ways only work on people that are new to internet marketing looking for information on how to make money online and believe if you build a website they will come.

So that is why I started this website, because I have been the victim of these tactics and sometimes I still see some things that look promising only to be disappointed in the content and the tactics.

There is no short cut to being a online marketer, but you don’t have to fall victim to all the scams out there that sell hype and promises. I can help you get through the crap and guide you on the right path where you can build a successful long term business online without fear of the next algorithm change that changes all the Black Hat tactics of the online kameleon, ever changing their tactics to deceive.

So what is in it for me? Good question, for me I look forward to the comradery, and friendship in helping others. I believe we can learn from each other, and together we can build our business with integrity and long levity to prosper long into the future and leave a legacy for our children.

Please sign up for future posts, I won’t spam you, you will just get my latest posts and you can read them as you wish. You can also ask me questions by going to my contact tab or commenting on any blog post. We can even set up a Google hang out if a lot of people want to learn the same techniques I blog about so you can create your best job in the world.

To your Success