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Blueprint for success Make $24,000 In 1 Month

blueprint for success

This blueprint for success will make you $24,000 in 1 month more or less if you follow the process. It is a true case study and the blueprint is free to use. Remember if you do nothing you will gain nothing.

Warning: This is a long post. If you want to DOWNLOAD the PDF version to read at your leisure you can DOWNLOAD HERE

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Make $24,000 in 1 month is not theory and you can do it no matter your level of experience. It just takes some guts and decisive action. When I implemented the following strategy I had no product, no list and no connections…

First Lets FIND A PRODUCT  – Blueprint For Success 

First you need to find a product to sell... This method works with any digitally downloadable product but I wanted to focus my efforts on software and WordPress plug-in due to the simple fact that they are an easier sell.

In your marketing efforts all you have to prove is that the software or plug-in does what it is made to do. If a potential customer has a problem and the software or plug-in solves it and is at a reasonable price they will buy.

I searched in 3 marketplaces to find my potential product.

They were Warrior Plus, JVzoo and Code Canyon but the whole internet is your playground with this method…

Have an idea of the criteria you want from your product

While searching through the different marketplaces there was a specific criterion I followed. The product needs to already be selling and have sold more than 10 copies but less than 100. This indicated to me that the product delivers enough value that people are willing to spend money on it but probably wasn’t marketed to its full potential…

It also needs to be a tool that will help internet marketers profit more or make their life easier as I was looking to go after the internet marketing niche.

(However you can do this in any niche you chose as long as there is demand out there and you can reach your potential customers.)

Open up a word document and create a list of every product that fits the criteria aim for at least 10 potential products then move onto step 2.


With the current state of the internet we are in a great place. With all the social networks like Instagram & Facebook almost everyone is just a few clicks away. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down the product creator. We are all professional web stalkers now days so use this skill to track the person down.

Once you locate their email address, Skype, Facebook or whatever you can get your hands on you need to go in and make your mafia offer.

You should do this for everyone on your list you created in step 1.


Time to make an offer they cannot refuse. Below is a template of the message I would send out

Hey [NAME],
I recently came across your [PRODUCT NAME] Offer it looks like a great product and I think I could help you make a lot more sales than you have currently made.I am just sending you this quick message to see if you are open to the idea of discussing a possible joint venture.

There will be no extra work on your part all I ask is for you to handle support to your new customers and sit back and collect the profit for the new sales.

I Look forward to your reply,

Your Signature

As you can see it opens up dialog but is straight forward and to the point. These product creators are busy so get to the punch line and make it all about the benefits for them.

Always aim to make your communication about what they will get out of it not what you want.

Before long people will start getting back to you. It is a pretty amazing deal all they have to do is sit back collect extra cash and look after their customers like they are already doing.

Who wouldn’t want to take you up on this offer? At the very least people will get back to you out of curiosity.

There is no downside for them. That is why this sort of joint venture is perfect for digital products, it costs nothing to sell extra copies and worst case scenario If the deal doesn’t work out as well as you hope then they have lost nothing.

When people start to get back to you let them know that you are looking to do a special offer launch of their product and split the extra profit 50/50. They still own their product 100% and any sales that come in from their current channels are all theirs this 50/50 split is just for the launch and they do not have to do any heavy lifting as you will be handling it all.

All you need is access to the product to set it all up.

After following steps 1 3 I got a lot of interest and settled on a simple Word Press membership plug-in.

I liked the look of it because it was solving the problem that most membership plug-in on the market were overly complicated and had a huge learning curve. This one was so simple that you could be set up and get going in a matter of moments.

The product owner loved the idea of the deal and gave me full access to get going on setting up the launch.


Now this step is not always necessary it is just a judgment call. As the product I was looking to re-release was already launched to the internet marketing crowd I decided to give it a more modern look and change the name.

I am pretty good with Photoshop so I created the graphics myself but you can just as easily use eBook cover software or outsource on


Creating a full sales funnel is not always necessary but if you want to maximize your earnings and increase the likelihood of affiliates picking up your offer then this is the route to take.

Go to a my website and download a free blueprint I call my “Perpetual Traffic Machine Blueprint” which also has a Free eBook Download “The Perfect Sales Funnel” You can download both for FREE >>> DOWNLOAD

I asked my new joint venture partner if he had any additional products that we could use in the sales funnel. Luckily he did but I also used quality PLR to enhance the funnel.

I made sure that the flow of products in the funnel was smooth and connected. The additional products in the up-sell sequence enhanced the front end offer.

We will discuss the percentages that I paid out to affiliates in step 10 and why I chose those.

Don’t let the thought of payments scare you, everything is handled by a 3rd party payment processor (like Warrior payments, warrior plus or JVZOO etc) automatically so everyone is paid instantly without you having to do any additional work.


The pages you will need are as follows:

  • Sales Page – This is optional. You will need sales copy to sell your product but it does not have to be a self hosted sales page. For the membership plugin launch I hosted the sales page on the special offers section of the Warrior Forum.To get started I would do the same because the forum already has some built in traffic that could get you some early sales come launch day.
  • Upsell/Downsell Pages – These will need to be self hosted. You will need a hosting account and I build all my websites with WordPress.
  • Joint Venture (JV) Page – Just like the up-sell and down-sell pages the JV page will be self hosted. We will discuss your JV page more in step 10
  • Download Page – This is another optional page because if your files are not too big you can deliver the product automatically using your payment processor of choice that we look at in step 9.

Set up all of your pages. You do not need to have all the content on there yet but just have them created so that you know what you need to complete.


Creating sales copy can take years of study or a large budget to get it outsourced. When implementing this strategy I had neither so I improvised.

I looked at other similar products that have sold well and converted great. I studied their sales pages and re-wrote my own following their model.

Do not copy someone else sales page you will get yourself into trouble. Use it as a guide and inspiration to create your own.


Time to set your launch date. Decide on the date that you will open the doors to your new offer. I suggest somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks into the future.


Now that all of your required pages are created you need to set everything up so that your sales process works seamlessly when your customers start coming in.

There are many solutions you can use to accomplish this but I am a fan of both Warrior Plus and JVzoo because they both enable you to set up a joint venture deal with the product creator to split profits 50/50 instantly as well as handle all affiliate commissions without you having to do any extra work.

In my membership plugin example I chose to use JVzoo. They have an extensive tutorial database so I am sure you can find the exact example on how to set things up.

May take a bit of work the first time but I am confident you will figure it out.


So you are all set up and ready to get going. Time to recruit your affiliates; this is the most important part of the whole process. If you are starting from a complete standstill with no list then you need as much help as you can get.

These folks are the ones that are going to be driving you sales so you need to treat them right and make it worthwhile for them.

In my example I gave 100% of the front end sale price in commissions to my affiliates then 50% on all the proceeding up-sells. This way it is a great deal for them and they will want to promote my offer even more.

I even decided to give some VIP affiliates 100% commissions throughout the whole funnel. I knew I wouldnt make any profit from them but I would be building my customer subscriber list and when other people saw that these big names were promoting they would also jump on board.

When recruiting affiliates you need to list your up coming launch on a few of the JV launch boards that are out there. Muncheye being one of the most popular ones but there are a few others that you can find with a little digging.

Here are some for you to take a look at:, JV notify pro, JV launch calendar

Look at how other successful marketers promote their JV pages, recruit affiliates, launch their products, conduct competitions model everything you can. Learn at every opportunity and continuously improve.

Now its time so go out and actually reach out to potential affiliates one on one. Do not let this section scare you. Yes you will get a lot of no’s or people will ignore you but there will also be those that say yes.

It is a numbers game and a relationship game. Just make sure that the product you have chosen is great quality and delivers on its promise and is priced accordingly.

I would however recommend you work on building relationships in your niche trying to get to know people seeing how you can help them out as you learn. There are a lot of amazing people out there who are happy to help just remember to be respectful of their time.

So let’s dive into the mechanics of affiliate recruitment. You will need to build a database like an excel file of all the potential people that could promote your offer.

Look for people who have launched products in the same sort of field as your product and people who have ended up on launch leader boards from promoting products similar to yours.

Use websites like Munch Eye Join other peoples affiliate lists and see how things are done so you can model them. Look for people with lists that would benefit from purchasing your product.

use the database to keep track of who you have spoken to already, who has replied, who has said they will promote and who has said they are not able to promote.

As your launch gets closer remember to remind affiliates about it who have agreed to promote, they are busy and may forget so follow up with them but do not be a pain in the ass.


You have everything set up, your affiliates are raring to go and your launch date is fast approaching.

You need to check, double check and triple check to make sure that your product can be purchased smoothly. Go ahead and actually buy it yourself as if you were a potential customer landing on your sales page.

The last thing you want is for hundreds of customers sending you support tickets saying they cannot access the product right in the middle of launch.

Also quadruple check to make sure that every customer that purchases the product is added to your email autoresponder list because building your list is the most important part of this whole process.

Remind your affiliates that the product is launching then open those floodgates of profit.

Make sure you are at the computer and ready to put out any fires for the first few hours of your launch. Especially if you are launching on a forum where people can leave comments you need to be on top of things.

In my case I stayed in the same spot refreshing my PayPal account and replying to customers for 6 hours straight.

I even got a phone call from PayPal because it seemed suspicious that so much money was hitting my account at a rapid rate. All I needed to do was to explain that I was conducting a product launch and the money coming in and out was from affiliate sales.

They understood and were happy to let me continue.


There you have it a simple blueprint you can follow to make some extra money from the comfort of your home via the internet and I didn’t even charge you for it.
You may not hit 5 figures your first attempt, you may only make a few hundred dollars, some of you may get a home run straight out the gate and make 6 figures I have seen people do it.

But one thing is guaranteed. If you do nothing with this information you will make $0.00.

This method is not for everyone but hope you learn something from it


Resources used in this document:

Free Video Course:                          IPA Business Model Free Video Course

Rebranding Products:                       Rebranding Your Products

Free Auto-responder Blueprint:        Auto-Responder Builder

Free Sales funnel & Traffic Course: Perpetual Traffic Machine

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