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Success factors are the

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 first things you want to realize when starting an online business, no matter what it is, if you want to be successful you have to think in terms of business success even if it hasn’t happened yet.

What I mean by that is you have to think successfully to actually get there. What would happen to you if all of a sudden because of some freaky stroke of luck that what you had to offer went viral? Would you know how to Handel that success and keep it going? Most likely not, because you wouldn’t know how you got there to begin with.

Being a success doesn’t just happen, it is deliberate and calculating with purpose. So what I am telling you is you have to not only set up your website, but think of that site and how it is congruent with what your business model is. Once you have that in place you must hit social media hard. Why because I am sure if you are starting your business from home in your spare time you don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising.

You also need to make all your social platforms congruent with your business look. People will get lost in all your messages if they are not consistent and when they see your social platform it must look familiar or they will bounce thinking they were brought to the wrong place.

Other success factors include engaging social media on a daily basis, also paying for likes on Facebook is a cheap way to start getting people to your pages.  I wrote a blog post about that here.

Like I always say, becoming successful is deliberate and does not happen over night. You have to be able to dig in and not quit. You will have people thinking you are crazy and spinning your wheels for nothing, because they don’t see the success, but you will, no matter how small those gains are.

But you need to be able to measure those gains with tools that are free to use, the most popular is Google Plus, use this to evaluate your site. Make changes and see what gets you going forward and what doesn’t. If you can’t see your efforts good or bad you will never know where you are and after a few months you will start believing the non believers and quit! If you want a better life don’t quit. Believe in your success like you are already successful.

I have a great course that will get you started in social media even if you are already on Facebook or twitter or whatever social platform you are on. Check it out here.

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