Build Your Online Business Kill Your J.O.B.

Build Your Online Business Kill Your Job Live Your Life

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Want to build your online business and kill your job? Because to do that you first have to crack the code. I used to think this was a bunch of bull crap. Because gurus taunt us with that phrase all the time, but never tell you how.

Well my friends I have cracked the proverbial code. But I will also share because there is enough money to go around for everyone. Plus this also builds your list. Another apple the gurus keep hanging in your face. “The Money Is In the List” How many times have you heard that one.

Build Your Online Business Recipe

OK, I will give you the recipe for building and online business. Then I will break it down. The simple version is you need a well built marketing funnel. Please don’t bounce yet, because no one has ever given out this kind of information.

There are some ingredients to this recipe that are very important. With this recipe you also build a list by default. Which is a good thing.

First Ingredient You Do Need Web Hosting

I know I said in the past you don’t need a website to make money online. And you don’t if you have a very long list built. But if you are like 98% of the people who are just starting out you don’t have one.

So why is web hosting essential? Because you need to have control over your web pages. You can’t do this with a drag and drop kind of web hosting. You need one with a control panel.

I know of two companies off the bat. One is HostGator, the other is BlueHost. The price structure for Hostgater is $15 a month for a shared plan. Bluehost on the other had charges by the year and the more years you sign up for up front the cheaper your hosting.

Yes you need to invest a little cash upfront

Don’t believe in this FREE CRAP. It doesn’t work. Ever tried to start any brick and motor business for free? It doesn’t happen. So I guess some of you will bounce now because you thought I would tell you that you can do this for free. But you can’t, simple as that.

Second Ingredient An Auto-Responder

The auto-responder is a key ingredient for your funnel. This is how you will sell your goods through an email follow up series. The reason for this is because you almost never sell your prospects on the first opt-in.

I use Getresponse as my email provider. They start out with a thirty day trial. Most providers do that. But Getresponse is the only company that will not take a credit card on sign up. Just an email address.

Third Ingredient a way to track results

If you don’t track results how do you know if your marketing efforts are working. There is a simple way to track results also using a rotator. This way you can change things on the fly if your technique is not working out so well.

I found this website called Free Rotator which does much more than track results. You can also build a funnel with this service and you can do it for FREE. So you don’t need a separate service for creating a funnel.

Forth And Most Important Ingredient TRAFFIC

This is where most marketers fall short. I myself have promoted free traffic using traffic exchanges. Yes you can get results with this technique. But in the beginning you want to make money online sooner than later right?

So you need a reliable traffic source. A source that is targeted to making money online. The best way and most popular is using solo ads. Like I said it is going to take some up front cash to make money. But the technique using this method combined with the other techniques in this post will build your list very fast.

Once you have a seed list of about 2000 subscribers you can start getting quality leads for free using cross promotion or ad swaps. I use this solo ad provider UDIMI which is free to join.


Are you wondering why I am not going into great detail on how Build Your Online Business. The reason is it would take to long. But I do have a solution. A program or course called “IPA Business Model” created by me.

No the course isn’t free but it is very affordable. So what makes my course so different than all the other make money online scams out there? I love this question, because I throw no bull crap. I can’t promise you will make money because you might be one of those silver bullet grabbers and never really stick to anything.

But I can promise you this, if you create your online business using my IPA Business Model. and stick with it, and do everything in your power every single day to drive traffic to your landing page and communicate with yuor signups you will succeed. That is how everyone succeeds.

Oh by the way I.P.A. is an acronym for Income Producing Activities that when done daily creates success. No Bull crap slinging here, just the facts.

You can check out my course free HERE<< and even get the first two modules just to see if you like my style. If you decide to purchase the course you will get a 70% discount. Which is dirt cheap. So no excuses, either you have what it takes or you don’t. Simple as that. Build Your Online Business and live your life on your terms.

To your success


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