Need A Little Help Building A Website

Building A Website With a Little Help

Building a website isn’t that hard. If you have done this a few times, you’re a master, if not I have a step by step video tutorial on building a website. In fact I have two. One that doesn’t cost a dime to build. One that is not expensive and looks more professional if doing business.

So building a website for free or not. What is the difference you might ask. Well building a website for free is very appealing to the person who has very little money. But trying to look like a pro with a free site is not going to cut it. It doesn’t look clean and most of the URL’s are really long which raises red flags all over the place. You can try and mask the URL. But there are even some websites that you can’t do business with unless you have a paid site.

Paid sites do not have to cost a lot of money. You can build a website using a HostGator account for $9 a month and get a domain name for about $12 a year, so the cost to build a website is really cheap. When you build eCommerce website you want to look professional. So watch the first video on building a website. 



This next video is for people who absolutly want a free site


Another way to build a wordpress website with free domain name and web hosting is in the video below.


So this is the first thing you want to do to create an online presence is to build a website. Take your time and think about what it is you want to put out there. That is the whole fun of it, it is you’re own creation, so dream big.

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