Building Your List While Making Money Doing It

Do you find yourself in a struggle to building your list? For years now I have been trying to find a way to build a list of subscribers that will not cost me an arm and a leg and I need to build one as soon as possible. Finally after years of trying to figure it out I was on the warrior forum the other day and ran across the answer. I was at first skeptical because of all the B.S. out there but I figured why not.  What a surprise! I am so glad I did.

What Is List Building & Why We Need One

Most people would agree that building your list is one of the main priority’s of internet marketing. It is like regular customers that walk into your brick and mortar store. Without these customers your business dies and you have no business. So many people out there are building their list in the wrong way. Just posting in Social media or writing blogs and offering free stuff to sign up are all techniques we have learned in the past. They all do work eventually, but we need to build a list or have customers now, not later. so what do we do?

I don’t know if you can relate but I have tried a lot of things to build a list. My most expensive venture was using Solo ads to build my list. Although I was able to be successful at getting subscribers it was very expensive and the list didn’t seem responsive at least to me. So I gave up on that idea. The problem is when buying traffic you have to buy it, try it and hope for the best. If we had unlimited funds that kind of experimenting would work. But then if we had that kind of cash why are we even trying to build a list?

Building Your List In A Way That Is Profitable

So let me give you an example of how this strategy I am using works. First of all you want to have an offer or offers. Then you need a converting landing page, an autoresponder and finally a two line advert to draw people to your landing page. Oh yes and the most important part the all elusive traffic source.

First the offer or offers. I use a CPA (cost per action) network for my offers. You can also find good offers in other places like Click Bank. The point is having at least one offer. Because I use a CPA network I chose a few offers and then put them in a FreeRotater and use that link in my autoresponder to send the people who sign up directly to the rotating offers instead of a thank you page.

Then I use my newly discovered traffic source to drive traffic to my landing page. Because I use CPA offers that pay you just to have people give them an email address, some people will go through and provide that information if the offer is enticing enough. So you are actually getting paid for building your list! How awesome is that? Even if no one opts in to your offers you are still building your list on the cheap. But I have never had NO One opt-in.

How To  Get Started With Building Your List On The Cheap

So I know you are itching to know how to get started with this amazing list building strategy that will be invaluable in building your list. So I created a eBook called “Make Money Building Your List

You can go straight there without any opt-in. I know you are going to find great value in what I am offering. I don’t know of any other system out there that offers you an opportunity to build a list for Free or very little out of pocket money and even make a profit. Like I said before, how many eBooks have you downloaded with the promise of showing you how to build a list only to come short.

You can start building your list today, right this minute just get my eBook Here. If you don’t feel this is of great value I would like your input. I am here to help people. I am also a marketer but I am not one of those gurus who promise you the world, take your money and deliver nothing.

Again you can get your eBook Here.

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