Is Your Business Doomed

 Is Your Business Doomed before It gets Started

Are you thinking about starting an online business? Have you had any success yet? Perhaps you haven’t thought it all out before you even started.

The statistics show that only 2% of people that start online business are successful. Why is this number so low? Because there was no thought put in it before they even started. What some do is just think of a name and build a free website, then after a few months the site and business get abandon.

Then others might even do some research and come up with a name then build a website of their own, only to abandon it 4-6 months later. You have to under stand there is more to it than you might think. It is easier to start an online business, but getting noticed and having visitors is a lot harder. First of all you must be able to know if your future business will even fit your life style.

have you thought into he future and if you had a thriving business what your life would look like? What would be the four major things in your life that you would absolutely want? Because your business idea must fit in with your life else it’s not a good idea.

Have you done any research on your new business to see if it is even tangible. Do you know who are the influences in your business industry and do you know who your potential customer is and what their habits are?

That is Only The Beginning

The examples above is just the beginning of what you need to know. Before you waist your time and money it would be wise to get some help. I have a FREE course to help the first time entrepreneur get started. The course is called Going Rogue because I feel being an entrepreneur is going rogue.

You have decided to do the unthinkable. Most people won’t even try, give yourself the best chance possible for success. This is the starting point, you will need more instruction down the road. So take the FREE COURSE “Going Rogue” I promise I hate spam as much as anyone. You will not get any sales pitches from me ever. I am just here to teach and learn.

To Your Success



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