10 Boxes To Check Off When Buying Backlinks

Buying Backlinks 10 Boxes To Check Off

Buying Backlinks is an investment so Look for the little “extras” some link building services offer. Things such as pinging, submitting RSS feeds, or bonuses. Sometimes, pinging the links and submitting RSS feeds (if done properly) can lead to your links being indexed quicker. Factor these into your decision whether or not to purchase.

Many times when buying Backlinks, people will skip a service offered by people from countries such as Russia or Latvia. Some of the best providers I’ve hired, come from countries typically frowned upon by many people who do a lot of outsourcing.

Link building is a lot different from outsourcing things like graphics, article writing, or web design. Unless you want something very specific done, there’s not much communication going on. Most providers simply need to know two things.

  1.  The URL of your site.
  2.  The anchor text you would like to use.
  3.  Stay away from people offering services to submit your site to WHOIS directories. It is a complete waste of money and you can do it for free (if you wanted to): http://www.imtalk.org/cmps_index.php?pageid=IMT-Website- Submitter

 Get personal with the link building services when buying backlinks. After placing an order, send an email to confirm everything along with a message stating that you look forward to working with them. This simple message get your work prioritized since they know they’re dealing with a real person.

Stay organized. Document the start/end dates of the project, the website address where you made the purchase, and the URL and anchor text of the links created. Keep all the reports you get back from the providers in a folder.

 Take care of your provider. A couple extra bucks go a long way if you find a provider you feel comfortable dealing with. This could again mean your project gets prioritized. Leave them feedback after a job well done and thank them. Treat good providers like gold.

 Ask about turnaround time when buying backlinks. Not always, but if it looks like the provider is too busy taking care of other people’s projects to meet the specified turnaround time, ask first before placing an order to avoid disappointment.

This is especially true of new services being offered on forums. Sometimes the provider will get a large initial surge of orders they weren’t prepared for. It doesn’t mean the service is bad, but there’s only so many hours in a day.

 Be consistent and get links built monthly to your sites. You can use a variety of different anchor text, but it’s important that inbound links keep getting built.
This is less true of local SEO, but if you are competing in a general niche, you will want the links to keep coming. There’s no problem with using different providers each month.

You can’t control link indexing. Getting the Backlinks built is one thing, getting them indexed is a whole other issue. Sometimes it may take Google some time to “find” the links no matter how much pinging or other tricks you use. Some Backlinks are easier to get indexed than others. Be patient.

 Ask for reports. Most provider’s state that you will be provided with a report after the work is complete. Go through the report and double check some of the links. If there are a small amount of links being built.

All of them should be publicly visible (meaning you don’t have to login anywhere to see them) and you can check each one to make sure they’re all there. If you get a blast of 10,000 links being built, not all of them will be correct. Don’t worry about it, when you’re dealing with that sort of volume and different site, it’s not going to be perfect.

 Test before you go monthly. Never commit to a monthly expense before seeing the quality of work being offered. Ask the provider if they offer a smaller package or test run.

If you’re unhappy, move on. There’s no sense getting into a pissing match with a provider. If you’re not happy, move onto someone else. Make sure to note the username of the person, their website address, and PayPal address to avoid purchasing from this person again.

 SEO is opinion. That’s pretty stupid of me to say since I’m positioning myself as knowing a thing or two about the search engines, but at the end of the day, the only people who truly know Google’s algorithm are the people that work at Google.

Everyone else is just offering their opinion based on personal experience or testing. Things can always
change, look for multiple opinions instead of just listening to one person.

 Backlinks are not the only determining factor in search engine positioning. There are a lot of other variables including on-page SEO that when mixed with Backlinks can dramatically improve your ranking. Before purchase links, make sure your site is setup to benefit from them. Read up on solid on-page SEO techniques.

 Connect in other ways. Sometimes emails get lost, sent to the spam box, or never replied to. Many providers will offer these ways of additional communication. If a person offers you their Skype, MSN, or Yahoo messenger id, use it.

 Look for a detailed description of the service. This is true whenever you are looking for outsources, the more vague a person is about what they’re doing, the better the chance you’re not going to be happy with the results.

 If you can avoid it, never directly send a person money. Always look for a “buy now” button. This will help protect you from fraudulent service providers since you can later file some type of grievance if you’re not happy.

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