Targeted Advertising Part 2 Content Creation

Now that you have an attack plan, we can begin to use that attack plan and apply it to the content creation. If you have not read the first post go here.

What I want to do is give you some sort of structure for your content. So, if you chose to use your product, then listen carefully. You can change the structure around a little bit to suit your product. But adhere to the structure as much as possible. You can always change the content.

Content Creation The Problem Question

You typically want to start with a problem question. Always start with a question. You can elaborate further and then ask more questions. Just remember, no matter how many questions you ask it all has to relate to the main question.

Content creation Give Part Of The Solution

Next you want to provide a partial solution. You don’t want to provide the whole solution. The whole solution will be them actually buying your product. But the whole goal here is to lead up to that point where they’re going to want to buy or click a link. If you did your job right they now have an idea of what your product or service is all about. But up until that point, you want to provide good, valuable, and trust worthy information.

Content creation The Product

If you chose the affiliate route, then it’s going to be slightly different because you’re selling somebody else’s product. You’re not really selling your own product. Now, what I find with products in affiliate marketing is they start out with problem questions. Some sort of question that engages the audience. Like I said earlier, you can ask other questions along the way.

You’re Content

Your content can be long, it can be short. In fact, it depends on what the product is. But sometimes the shorter, the more straightforward it is the better. If your prospect can get the problem question, then a partial resolution and then the resolution that they need, then they are willing to look at the product. As an affiliate, you could send them directly to your affiliate link, that’s fine.

The Landing Page

To get better conversions what you want to do is (problem question), (partial resolution) being a product itself, and then a hyperlink to (the solution). The review and bonus of the product. This would be the landing page. A review of the product could be linking them to the review, or you could be linking them to a comparison chart.

The landing page provides the review, and maybe at the very end, provides some sort of valuable bonus. So, they have more incentive to buy through your affiliate link. I will say off the bat, if you are promoting any type of niche that is a general. A niche like dogs, organic foods, stuff like that; typically, you may not really need the bonus right here.

The bonus right here is just giving people an incentive to buy. This helps if you were in the online business, internet marketing niche. If you are not, then I wouldn’t really worry about a bonus too much.

You can always test it out to see if it works. But the bonus is there to give an incentive for people to buy through your affiliate link rather than buying through somebody else’s affiliate link.

Finding some angles, questions that you can put into your content

OK, head over to Facebook and then audience insights. Finding content, angles, a question (highly engaged questions) is actually very easy to do. Remember in the last post we talked about demographics. If you don’t know your demographics then obviously, trying to figure out what content to create is actually going to be very, very hard to do. So go back to where we left off earlier, which is at – Audience-Insights. As you can see in the previous post, I did a search for Earlier, we found that 81% is women and 19% men. If I wanted to hone in specifically on Age bracket 55-54, just click it and it will isolate it and it will allow me to see a better picture of just that age bracket.

content creation

So, I can see that age bracket, their lifestyle

content creation

and I can easily go to pages that are related to this lifestyle. I can see the majority of them are married, education level

content creation

content creation

and job title. We can see it looks about the majority … we can also sort this. So, we’ll sort this by greater/down. We can see that they are mainly administrative, perhaps secretaries, management, healthcare and medical, sales, personal care, production, business and financial operations. So, a lot of women that have pretty high paying jobs maybe. So, that kind of gives you an idea of what you’re selling and how that correlates with maybe their spending habits/their purchase habits, which Facebook Ads also shows over here.

Content Creation

We’re specifically interested in content. So, if you click on Page Likes, you can get an idea of the Top Categories or the Top Pages that they are interested in. We can see right off the bat because we are searching for dogs, we can see they are very interested in Community  Dogs Bless You, which is interesting – so, a lot of dogs. Do you see that? Animal Rescue Corps, I love Dogs, Life with Dogs, Family Pet – so a lot of dog related things, right? So, even retail and consumer merchandise, you can see what they’re buying.

content creation

So, if we just go ahead and go to these pages, or type in the facebook search bar  Cesar Millan. Let’s just take a look at Cesar Millan. We can see he’s a public figure. He is well known in the dog training area.

Anything related to dog, anything related to helping your dog, he is on top of that area. What we want to do is we just want to take a look at the content that he has posted up. What do you do if your dog is stung by a bee?

You also want to ask yourself the question, does this directly relate to my product? Because if it doesn’t directly relate, if you were to look at a content piece like this, would you gradually and naturally be interested in buying a product or buying your product? That’s the question you should ask.

Look through the pages

If you look through, we can see that a piece of content got 9,000 likes, 800 shares – but we know Cesar, he’s already huge. And you know the content that he puts up is most likely going to get a lot of engagement. So, big companies like this, you can easily take a look at and get some competitive intelligence.

So, that’s what you’re trying to figure out – is within the niche itself, what gets them excited? What gets them really angry? What gets them highly engaged? If we go through the site, I see most of these seem to be images but we have ear cleaning – so routine cleaning.

So what is your content

If you were let’s say for example to create a content on cleaning, you might want to hone in first on the problems that dogs have in relation to dog cleaning. So, in this case, if you were to read this, you can see “Routine ear cleaning is a great way to prevent and detect potential ear issues.”

So, you could hone in on maybe a variety of different potential ear issues that dogs have. And then from that point, you can then talk about a partial resolution, so you can bullet point, talk about potential ear issues – maybe common routes that people take and why maybe those common routes may not be as effective and then you can lead them onto your product or affiliate review. That’s why we’re going through here is just getting ides about what our audience likes and dislikes.


Now, you can see not just how engaged people are as far as their comments go, as far as their shares go, but you can also see how they feel. Like I said, it doesn’t matter if this is a product attack or an affiliate plan of attack. It doesn’t matter. Really what you’re trying to do right now is simply find the pages that they like and get the information.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that it follows a path from the point of the problem question actually relating to your product or service or the affiliate review, so keep that in mind. As long as you understand that, everything flows correctly, you’ll be able to create a high converting content piece.

Another question that a lot of people ask is how long or how many words should I write? That really doesn’t matter as much. You can take a look at the content pieces that are on the Facebook pages. See how long those content pieces are. If they’re really super long, that might be a big indicator that that particular niche likes long content. If it’s fairly short, you might want to keep it short, maybe an article page long. So, that’s a good indication as long as you take a look at several pages and you see a repeating pattern.

Now you have your plan of attack and know what to look for – for content creation.

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