Cool Twitter Plug-In For WordPress You Gotta Have It

Cool Twitter Plug-In For Wordpress

Cool Twitter Plug-In For WordPress – Hey, how is it going? just thought I would through out a cool little tidbit…

I have been experimenting and found out a lot of you like plugins. (If you use wordpress that is) but hay, almost everyone is because of its simplicity.

Cool Twitter Plug-In For WordPress


Well how would you like to be able to embed a tweet in your posts like this – STOP SELLING, START HELPING - (Zig Ziglar) Click To Tweet anyone can do this and you will grow your twitter fanbase :-)…

This plugin allows you to create and place beautiful Click To Tweet boxes anywhere in your blog posts or pages.

Easily create tweetable content to promote your content and encourage your readers to share it on Twitter with their own followers. To do this, create custom messages and provide a single-click pathway right to their Twitter login. Take advantage of the URL shortening feature, full scale tracking ability, and site analytics for monitoring site traffic and content engagement.

So to get to the point if you want this plug in you can download it here BCTT PLUG_IN

So now you have this cool tool start blogging like crazy!!! 

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I know this post is supposed to be 300-500 words for SEO purposes but I just wanted to give you a Treat To Tweet!! By Sharing Click To Tweet

Have a nice day

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