How To Create A Lead Magnet For Any Opt-In Form

lead magnetEvery business out there uses some kind of attracting vehicle to get customers or prospects engaged in there business or content. The industry calls these vehicles a Lead Magnet.

A lead Magnet has one sole purpose. And that is to get you engaged by offering you something for free that is of value. These vehicles come in many forms. Some of these include:

  • Cheat Sheets: These are short tips, lists or worksheets that help customers solve a specific problem.
  • Free Templates: Free templates for anything are extremely popular and generate lots of leads.
  • Free Training: Videos, workbooks, a combination of these tools or free training delivered by email.
  • Swipe Files: Swipe files provide valuable ideas in a way that make them unique and useful.
  • Tool Kits: Tool kits can be a little more complex to make, but because they are filled with resources, they can make excellent lead magnets.

These Lead Magnets are your creation and only limited by your imagination. They can be just about anything as long as it meats the objective of engaging your audience and gets them to take action.

Creating Your Lead Magnet

lead magnet knowing your demographicCreating a lead magnet no matter what kind should be created with thought in mind. First you need to know your customer and their wants and needs. I have a great article written on “Knowing Your Demographics” Which is a step by step method of creating your Avatar or your perfect customer. This will answer all your questions about your target audience. Once you know this information, you will be armed with the knowledge to be a able to create a lead magnet that is an irresistible email catching machine.

Do A Fast 15 Minute Brain Storming Session

So to come up with ideas for a lead magnet start with a brain storming session. These quick sessions allow your mind to just go crazy with ideas. All you do is clear your mind and then for 15 minutes just start writing down the first thing that comes to your mind no matter what.

At the end of the session you should have loads of ideas for not just one lead magnet but many. No one said you can only create one. It is like advertising, keep trying different strategies and create the “ONE” that works. This could take many trial and errors, but in the end you will have a winner.

Creating the lead magnet

Choose a lead magnet idea from your list and create an outline of what you want your lead magnet to look like. Are there multiple steps you are detailing to help solve a problem? If so, your outline may look something like this:

  • Step 1
    • Step 1a
    • Step 1b
    • Step 1c
  • Step 2
    • Step 2a
    • Etc…

Once your outline is finished create your content. It can be time consuming creating a lead magnet but quality and value are a must to attract as many people as possible yo your sign up page. So don’t rush this.

I also want to give you this Free Report ” Make Money Selling Nothing ” it is a book about how to create informational products that you can sell. Use part of an eBook you can create with this and put it out there as a lead magnet. If people want to read the rest they must provide there email address to do so.

Get creative with this stuff.

To your success

lead magnet

Rey Albert

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