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Let’s Face It – Nowadays It Is All Digital Marketing

As a marketer I know how important digital marketing is. Most business rely on chance clicks for their business and aren’t focused on if there presence online establishes awareness, familiarity, and confidence with consumers so they’ll engage and take action to do business with you

How Digital Marketing Works And Why It Is Important

Say Mary searches for a contractor in her area. The results show more than a dozen results or so. You just happen to be listed at the top of the fold for the search. Does Mary know you are even there? What I mean is if Mary isn’t familiar with your story or hasn’t heard of you through other marketing efforts there is a chance she won’t click on your link even though it is near the top of the search.

But if she has seen or heard of your story through other ads her familiarity gives you top billing even if your not in the top 5 results. Without some kind of familiarity through some other kind of marketing efforts you are relying on the chance that Mary will click on your link over the other listings.

Does Your Landing Page Wow The Visitor

So Mary desides to click on your link by chance. When she gets to your landing page or website does it bread confidance that you can actually help her? Do you have a mordern looking site? Is it credible and customer focused?

Then if Mary enguages with your site by emailing or calling customer service is she wowed by her expectations beeing exceeded because your site or staff goes beyond her highest expectations? If not there will be no more interaction or even worse no transactions.

Digital Marketing Is A Must Today

Most people are busy and are relying on searches every day to find a solution to their problems. Along with that comes brand awareness. Just having a website show up in the search engines is not enough to insure your brand will even be considered.

Your brand must be seen everywhere possible. Through blog posts, social media, word of mouth and local events. If your story isn’t out there more than likly your brand wil just be in the abis of the internet. Never to be profitable or seen.

How IPA BUsiness Model Can Help

Ipa Business Model has been in the digital marketing space for a long time. As we grew we learned what works and what doesn’t. The market is ever changing so what worked 5 years ago doesn’t work today.

Also your brand needs to be seen in more places. As posted in the article a customer will resanate with a brand they have heard of but your presance online must be impecable. You have to bread confidance and a superior customer experiance to move forward in the digital age.

Find Out How IPA Business Model Can Help Your Business

Let us help you with your digital marketing efforts. We are an affordable solution for small business and will not take your money unless you are happy and we deliver what we promise.

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