Don’t Lose Your Ass Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing  Isn’t Difficult But Most Do It Wrong

You are going to lose your ass in affiliate marketing if you do not know your product. How can you honestly try and sell a product you know nothing about? Why do all that market research, to find what is hot just to go to clickbank and pick a product you think will help your prospect.

Individual products may have an affiliate program of it’s own so if you personally use a program check out selling it to others. Check your favorite products to see if they have an affiliate program and you can pick up extra income by just telling people what you are personally using and giving them a chance to have the same great experience!

If you do not use the product yourself here’s where you have to do some digging. Once you’ve found a list of products that you may want to sell to your new niche, you need to explore those products thoroughly. Check out the sales page you’ll be sending your visitors to; check out the company behind the product…are there any complaints about them on the Internet?

Are the affiliates happy with them? Check out the terms of service for affiliates…how often do they pay you…how do they pay you…is there a minimum commission…so there are no surprises for you when you start to sell a bunch of their products.

You Must Do Your Due Diligence To Be Above The Rest

Get in contact with their affiliate manager, if they have one, or the product owner and see what tools they have to help you sell their product. See what type of support you feel you’ll get from them.
Do your due diligence here and you’ll be FAR above average in both your marketing efforts and your affiliate income.

This may seem very elementary, but how are you going to sell something you’ve never even held in your hands, or read? How are you going to be able to tell someone about it face-to-face unless you’ve used it?
This single point is what REALLY sorts out the average affiliate marketer from the super-affiliates. The very successful affiliate marketers always know exactly what their products look like…what they feel like…even what they smell like! They know their products.

This is something you have to be doing if you expect to increase your affiliate sales. Here’s how to do that. Most digital product owners will give you a free copy of their product if you ask them for it…some of the great digital product owner will include the freebie in their affiliate tools or at least give you a good discount on the product.

Physical products may be a little different… but it doesn’t hurt to ask, you may be surprised! If you explain your marketing to the owner and tell them how effective other campaigns have been for you, the owner may give you a product or at least sell it to you at cost.

Even if you have to pay full retail, the purchase is well worth it. You’ll know just how good the product is…its great selling points, its good selling points and its not-so-good points that you need to tell your customers all about.

Think of telling your best friend about a product. The first question he’s going to ask is, “Have you tried it?” When you tell him that you haven’t, what are the chances that he’s going to be real interested in what you have to say about it?

KNOW your product and you’ll have taken a HUGE step towards being an above average affiliate marketer and increasing your affiliate sales.

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