Easy Way To Earn Money Turn > $5 Into $8,000

Hi all, today I am going to teach you an Easy Way To Earn Money online. Don’t mistake the word easy with automated push button get rich quick. Because even though this is easy doesn’t mean it doesn’t take effort to be successful. This method is one of ways to make money from home that is not a new subject. It just is a new way to do what has been already done successfully.

People are always asking how to make money at home but don’t want to work to make it happen. This quick money method is an easy way to earn money online, but you still have to put in the effort. So what is this mysterious method to make money online I am talking about? Well keep reading.

Easy Way To Earn Money turning junk into gold

What if I told you that you could take a product that was developed years ago and flip it for cash? That’s right, flip an old product for cash. The thing is, you need to dust it off and make it look brand new. This has been done and a lot of the high earners do just that. But no one will tell you this. So have you ever received emails on a super new product that will make you lots of cash? Chances are it is a flip. People sell these for around $7 – $10 all day long.  It doesn’t sound like much but multiply that by just say 200 sales. That is low balling it. You would make between $1,400 – $2000 sounds a whole lot better right? Now do this just a couple times a month and you have job replacing income.

So where can you get these kind of products? Here is a site I am a member of. Its called Resale Rights weekly.  This site is free to join and they have hundreds of free products to choose from.

Easy Way To Earn Money

So Just sign up for free here. Once you log in click on free member downloads.

Easy Way To Earn Money

After you click there you will see this page. Notice you can click on any month to see what products came out in that month. This goes all the way back to 2007. That is a lot of stuff to choose from.

Easy Way To Earn Money

OK I clicked on March 2017 but products for this month that we are in aren’t out yet. So I clicked on February.

Easy Way To Earn Money

So as you can see there is a ton of products. Just look through them and find something you like. I went back to January 2017 and picked this one. Notice this product comes with Master Resale Rights. Also you can view the sales page. So of these products don’t have a sales page so just take note of that.

Easy Way To Earn Money

So now what? What do you do next? Next you download the product to your website where you can find it. I always make a new file just for these projects so I can find them later. Once you have downloaded the file it normally will be a zip file of some kind. Unzip it, (I use WinRAR It is free) when it is unzipped you will see the unzipped folder with all the files. First read the license file. This tells you what you can and can’t do with the product. Make sure you abide by the license.

Then you just make it your own and sell it. You can also sell it as is but remember how many other people downloaded the same file. You want to be different.

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