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Email marketing represents the latest innovation in the strategy to connect with potential customers that is much older than the Internet.  As a means of accomplishing the task of direct marketing through the use of electronic mail, email marketing is inexpensive, quick, and has excellent chances of producing revenue, if used properly.

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Email Marketing Basics

Just as with any type of marketing approach, email marketing employs a few basic understandings that help to give the strategy form and function. Here are some examples.

Email marketing is direct marketing. The advertising goes from the seller to the consumer in one simple process.  There is no requirement for a mediator to convey the good news about the product or service, unless you choose to outsource the function.

Email marketing is geared toward a quick introduction and sale of a good or service. There is no lengthy sales cycle to contend with. You get the information to the consumer, who either responds or trashes the email.

All that is required to launch an email marketing campaign is a computer, an Internet connection, and email account, a qualified list of email addresses, and the prepared advertisement. In short, just about everyone can acquire the basic tools for an email campaign.

Email is the connective tissue of the modern e-commerce landscape. Building a robust emailing list is a way of building stronger relationships with your subscribers. By creating additional value with your email series, you can make a handsome residual income.

Your subscriber will buy some but not all products from you. So it is important not to make them feel you are pushing them into making the buying decision. Many subscribers do not open many of their emails because of that reason. In this guide, we look at four ways you can make money with email marketing without being pushy.

Email Marketing First Choose Your Niche

I have been taught over the years that your niche  can either make you or break you. But I really don’t believe that anymore. Let me explain why I feel that way. I truly believe that every niche is profitable, some more than others.

So it really depends on your personal taste. Some of the top niches are relationships, health, and wealth. But also being at the top means a lot of competition making it harder to make money.

The next category of those niches is to choose a sub-category for  your niche. Sub-category’s are easier to enter than the main niches. Then finding one that is also digital friendly is a great combination if you have something people are willing to pay for.

But like I said, it could be any niche, parenting, potty training, beer brewing, leather crafting you name it. So I would highly suggest you pick something you know and love or at least know. Trying to learn something new can have a huge learning curve.

In my training course (which is a free download) I walk you through everything even niche and keyword research. But when it comes to building the beautiful website, we go through building a few pages I think are important.

One being the contact page and the other being the blog page. The front page can be your store front. What I do agree with the gurus is you should have an opt-in box at the top of your page. The rest of the page should support the opt-in box and make people want to sign up for your email list.

How to Use An Autoresponder In Your Email Marketing

My email autoresponder blueprint course (another free download) shows you step buy step how to build an autoresponder campaign. Plus the follow up emails.

But then you need to get traffic or visitors to your front page with the opt-in box. The only FREE way I know to do that is through blogging. So that is why  I include the blogging page. After posting your blogs they should be Publicized immediately to your social platforms what ever they may be.

Now there is a little more to it then that which I cover in my course. But I hope you are getting the idea. If it were simple everyone would be doing it. That is why you want to like your niche or you will get board and quit.

Auto-responding software has become more common as part of email marketing campaigns. Here’s how to set up the autoresponder to maximize your chances of generating a sale.

Make sure the auto-responder will archive information about the responses. You can use the email addresses for future email marketing campaigns. You want to also get a feel for the time of day that you seem to get the most responses.  This can give you a clue about what part of your working day is best for launching a campaign when potential clients are more likely to be online and reading email.

Keep in mind your auto-responder can be configured to send out acknowledgements to both responses to email campaigns and also to persons who sign up for the email list at your web site. This simple task will definitely demonstrate you are serious about client support and care, which always makes a customer feel more comfortable and receptive.

So Now What Is It You Want To Sell

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is what you have done all the work for, is to make money right? Some will say Affiliate Marketing is the way to go because you don’t need to create a product to make money.

This is very true. So if you were to go that route make sure you have your visitors go to your landing page first then after they sign up to your list redirect them to your affiliate sales page. More on this in my course.

Another way is to create your own products to sell. It really isn’t that hard to do if you use PLR Products that you make your own. These are either free or very cheap to buy, which makes them perfect for your own products.

If you join Resale Rights Weekly it is totally free to join and they have a ton of free products you can download and make your own. This is what I do 90% of the time. But there is a way to do it correctly and you can learn through my eBook course “Make Money Selling Information Products“.

Here is a guide that will teach you how to make money with email marketing creating mini courses.

One more thing to consider is make sure all your offers will add value to your subscribers, and you will be able to create a genuine and lasting rapport with the people on your list.

Create an Awesome Gift

By now, you know that collecting email addresses for an effective email marketing campaign is not a walk in the park. I hope this post on how to make money online with email marketing will help you. But  you still will need to offer something valuable to your potential subscribers in exchange for their email address.

You get better conversion rates when you offer gifts, and your list will grow exponentially. Popular gifts include workbooks, eBooks, or reports all in PDF formats as well as videos or sound files.

In conclusion, always keep in touch with the individuals on your emailing list. It takes a considerable amount of time and resources to make at least $1 per month from each subscriber. So remember do what you know and love, and it won’t seem like work.

Are you part of the 2% of people that want to succeed and need guidance visit my website for your free eBook IPA Business Model that will guide you through the land mines. Plus show you how to build a business from scratch. So you can use the information in this guide to make money.

How to Improve Your Email List

Even the most finely crafted email contact list will need some occasional care and feeding. Here are a few tips to keep your list up to date and usable.

Remove obsolete email addresses from your list. People change email addresses from time to time, especially the free emails addresses provided by some web sites and major search engines. There is no point in wasting resources on information that is no longer helpful.

Always allow consumers the opportunity to opt in and out of the list. This will help create good will, and also helps people to have the chance to remove an email address that will no longer be used. Include a field so they can provide feedback about the reason for their desire to opt out.

Never add unqualified email addresses to your permanent email list. Unqualified would mean an email address for which there is no evidence of interest in receiving the type of emails you send out. While it will make your list more impressive, it will do nothing to enhance your reputation.

How to Increase Your Subscribe Rate

There are several strategies you can utilize to create more opt-ins for your email marketing list. Here are a few examples.

Make it easy to subscribe. No one wants to spend five minutes signing up for the privilege of receiving email offers. Make it a matter of filling in a couple of fields and perhaps checking a couple of selections to narrow the focus.  The easier the process, the more likely that visitors to your site will decide to sign up.

Mine your existing email listing. Traditional sales techniques have long relied on the referral process to get the interest of new customers. You can employ the same process by offering people on your current list the chance to spread the word about your services. Provide a small discount on their next order if someone they referred signs up and places an order.

How to Make Your Subscribers Active and Happy

Keeping your subscribers receptive to email offers is essential, if you are going to make money from the connection. Here are a couple of tips to help keep the folks on your email contact list happy.

I was once told not to overdue the emails to your email list. This is true if all you are doing is sending them offers. No one wants to be sold to all the time. What I do is email my list often, but I always give value in my mailings. I hardly ever sell anything. I want my subscribers to look forward to my emails and be excited at what might be in it.

I give away information that they can use in their marketing efforts and in return I have a responsive list. If I want to sell something I ask them what they think of the product I have in mind and if they would be interested in it. You will be surprised how this works. So don’t build your list just to sell to. Nurture that list. It is your lifeline.

How to Grow Your Email List

Growing your email list is easy, if you employ a few basic approaches.

Advertise.  This means spread the world at online sites, message boards, social sites and any place that allows you to mention your business.  Don’t forget offline sources. Business cards left at restaurants, passed out at conventions, and handed to the guy you meet on the plane can lead to new subscribers.

Ask your current subscribers to help. Good word of mouth can make a huge difference. People who enjoy being on your list are among the best means of publicity at your disposal. Offer some sort of incentive to existing subscribers who are willing to promote you and your business, and this will make the process even easier.

Optimize the presence of your web site. If your site comes up near the top of browser searches, more people are likely to visit your site, see the signup page, and opt into your email list.


While email marketing has been hurt by the backlash caused by unsolicited email advertisements, there are plenty of ways to use the strategy as part of an ethical and positive approach. By being responsible in creating, maintaining, and utilizing the email list, you will be able to increase both your income and your prestige with your clients.

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