Facebook Hack One Bad Ass Piece Of Information

My Facebook Hack Is A Bad Ass Piece Of Information

I recently purchased a product called Facebook Traffic Hack, most of the course that was offered I felt was anything but new that would help me except for one thing so I will give you this tip for FREE, because that’s what I do is deliver value in my content. I call it my Facebook Hack.

So what did I learn? I learned how to get lots of likes for cheap and learned how to use my page to convert my posts to sales. This is so easy so here we go with the Facebook Hack.

The first thing you have to know is I do this with Facebook ads. And before you freak out and say Facebook ads suck and they don’t work, just listen to me for a second OK?

You see Facebook wants to sell ads, but they also don’t want your ads to point your prospects off of the website. If you follow my lead, I can show you how to get clicks to your posts (which will be a cleaver ad and get likes for pennies.

So the first thing you need to do if you have not already is to create a new page for your website or what I call the money site. Once you do that create an ad

facebook hacks

After you click on create ad you get the following page, if you want likes click on promote your page, if you want to promote your post or your “secret ad” click boost your post. For this example I will click promote your page. NOTE: If you want to boost your post for a secret ad you will get a ton of people visiting your page using this technique, just remember like any other ad, if your ad is weak with a crappy headline you won’t get any conversions.

facebook hack

So after I hit promote page I get this page. Just click continue

facebook hack

When you get here choose your page

facebook hack

Once you have your page selected leave New Audience alone and go to the countries, if the U.S. is there it is default and click on remove as shown below.

facebook hack

Then in the box provided you are going to type in some 3rd tier countries. We got rid of the U.S. because it is considered a 1st tier country and you will pay more per click than 3rd tier countries.

facebook hack

As you can see below I have picked some countries and have a potential reach of 190,000,000 people some 5 – 16,000 a day and with the 3rd tier countries you will get hundreds of likes for pennies. They will be real people and real likes, so imagine that for Social Proof on your website.

facebook hack

Now go down to the budget area, I just change this to $5 Daily, keep the schedule to run continuously and let Facebook set the bid. Don’t worry Trust Me On This. Then click on the set time and date, I just do it for one day, if you have more money to spend then go as many days as you like.

facebook hack

Then go down to “when you get charged” click on the MORE option and click page like, this way you only pay when someone likes your page and not every time they show your page or Impression. Leave the rest alone and click continue

facebook hack

Once you hit continue you will see this below. I don’t change this, but if you want to change the text or picture you can, just remember your picture and word ratio can’t be over 20%, but don’t worry Facebook will let you know if you are over.

facebook hack

Then just go to the bottom and place your order. Google will let you know when your ad is approved and it will start running automatically. Then just sit back and let the likes accumulate. It doesn’t end here though.

A great thing about my Facebook Hack Method is you will keep getting likes even after your add is stopped, talk about Social Proof Wow. So how would you like a course that puts all this stuff together?

  1. Market Research
  2. Tracking Visitors
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Copyrighting that converts
  5. Using Social Media
  6. Google +
  7. Pinterest
  8. Linkedin
  9. Video Marketing
  10. YouTube

This course is OFF THE HOOK

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To Your Success


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