Finding Your Demographics Know Your Target Audiance

When It comes to advertising a lot of people do not know what they are doing. If you don’t know your demographics you are wasting your money. So it is very important who you are advertising to. So how do you find your demographics and what are the things you can do with the information.

Demographics Will Tell You What You can Sell

Knowing your demographics will not just help you in your advertising efforts for a product you want to sell. But will also tell you what else you will be able to sell to that audience. Knowing the who, what , why and where is a wealth of knowledge that could potentially make you lots of money.

So if you are marketing diet products for instance. And you find out your audience also likes beauty products or they lend themselves to subscriptions, don’t you think this is good information? If you keep a list you will be able to market to them again. Heck you already paid for their information.

So don’t just think after your ad time is over you are done. You have just started. Your list should be segmented as to what things you sell to who.

Below is a video I did on finding your demographics and below that is a link to a complementary eBook I wrote on the subject.

This eBook “Targeting Your Avatar” Is a complement to this video. Between the two you should be armed to the hilt to be able to be successful in your advertising.

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