Forum Marketing Driving Traffic That Matters

There must be a reason why there are thousands of forum marketing websites on the internet. Is it because they know something you don’t about your particular niche or market? Is it because forums are a great meeting place for like-minded people who share information and experiences?  If you are an online business no matter what the niche, forums should not be dismissed as a useful tool in your marketing strategy. By joining a few targeted forums in your niche and participating in the conversations could have a wealth of knowledge second to none.

What Is Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website. These forums number in the hundreds of thousands spread across the internet. No matter what niche you are in there is a forum of like- minded people. Forum marketing should be one of your marketing strategies in gaining website traffic.

It is no secret that using forum platforms will get you a more targeted and responsive audience. But like any social platform you must approach forums with grace. Jumping in to a forum and just blasting it with your thoughts and links will get you banded faster than you can blink.

Your approach should be slow and deliberate first signing up to the forum. Completing your profile, creating a bio-box, and getting to know the forum and learning the rules are important to joining the group. You will want to be a member of at least 5 – 10 forums which will give you a wealth of knowledge to tap into.

This will also give you the best opportunity to get more sales as you grow with the forum. So how exactly do you navigate the forums so you don’t look like a bully just trying to get your links out there?

Forum Marketing Finding One In Your Niche

First finding the right forum for your niche and working with them is essential. Using the right forum  you will be able to market your product or service effectively. Because these forums have people with different skill levels you will be able to build your expertise establish your brand and increase your sales. So to find the right forum for your niche all you need to do is do a good old Google search.  All you need to do is type in your niche and forum in quotations. I am a internet marketer so I would search like this “internet marketing forums”. Your result would look like this:


forum marketing


Notice the first three results are ads. This is good because you know your niche has competition which means an active niche. Then followed is a blog post by smart passive income which is an old blog post by Pat Flynn. His blog has been around sense 2007 and he is a great and honest marketer just like me! OK, all jokes aside, below Pats post is the warrior forum. This is the #1 forum for internet marketers which I am a member. Once you find your forum then it is time to join.

Completing Your Profile

Like I said before you must complete your profile with as much information as possible. Then adding a picture will do wonders for your profile. People love to put a face to the conversation. Then you will want to complete a bio box. This is where you give yourself some accolades and drop your link. A bio box is simple to do, here is an example below.

forum marketing

That is all bio boxes is and see how it flows? You are not shoving your link down their throat instead you are inviting them to get a copy of your eBook. Isn’t that a more pleasant way of marketing?

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand when a marketer just nothing but sell without giving any value. So after you have finished completing your profile you are going to want to start taking part in the forum. Being an active member and contributing to the conversation. This is how to proceed.

Introduce Yourself To The Group

The first thing is introducing yourself to the group. This should be your first post. After introducing yourself just hang out, start reading the threads and get to know the flow and inside rules that are not advertised in the rules.

Then start commentating on threads and start bringing value to the forum with your knowledge. The last step is to finally write your own posts. Remember don’t just sell, but rather give value.  Your selling is done with your bio box. Your whole goal in the articles you post is to lead them to the bio box.

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