I Found Some Pretty Cool Tools

The other day I was just messing around looking at some of these PLR Products I received as a bonus for purchasing  a product (I will tell you about that in a minute) and I ran across a couple that I thought was actually pretty nifty.

Backup Your WordPress Site Automatically For FREE Baby

The first one was a video explaining how to backup your WordPress site automatically. I don’t know about you but I think it is a useful tool. Because If you mess up your site with a bad plug in or something you can recover your site.

This is actually a free plug in that you can use to do this. I have (for your convenience) a download link for the video that explains how to use this plug-in HERE, and another link to the plug-in HERE. Your choice of course if you want to use it. Don’t worry, no opt-in wall or anything like that. I hate when people do that, don’t you?

Either they want to help you or they just want your information so they can keep sending you annoying emails trying to sell you their crap.

Any way I thought this was pretty cool because most of the time PLR Stuff is out dated and don’t work anymore or the things that used to be FREE aren’t anymore. So this was a pleasant surprise.

If you sell anything on your website you need LEGAL PAGES

I actually found another PLR Product for this but decided to do some checking around. Turns out my searching is your gain because I found a better plug-in. Yep, it is FREE also.

It’s called Legal Pages HERE and anyone that does any kind of marketing need thus plug in. Even if you have a review site you need this because of all the FCC rules on disclaimers and other legal things. So anyway you can download it , again no tricks. I don’t roll like that.

So that is all the free stuff for now. If you don’t know how to install these plug-ins from a download, just first download the zip file (don’t unzip it) then go to your WordPress dashboard, click on plugins then click on install new plugins then at the top click on upload. Here is a quick video on how to do that.



OK, about the product I bought. It is a tool that generates traffic for FREE. (Well, I don’t know that for sure yet because I have just had it a few days now.) It works by auto posting likes, comments and posts to Facebook and Twitter and Reddit.

Supposedly you can set it and forget it. Well I purchased it because it wasn’t really expensive and I thought it would be a nice way to generate traffic. (Because we all need traffic right) So if it does what it says it will do I will be passing it along to you. It takes about 30 days to see actual results. If your interested in this comment below.

To Your Success

Rey Albert