Free Money Online Is It Possible

Free money online is a possibility if you are willing to do the work. How is this possible? Many fortune 500 companies are willing to pay you to try their products. Plus if you get other people to try their products they will pay you. You don’t need a website. All you need to do is advertise the website hosting the products.

In this post I will show you how you can make $20 per referral for products and services most people use all the time. I will also show you how to advertise for FREE. Remember this is not a one push button set it and forget it technique. You need to work at it.

What You Need To Have

Their are only a few things you need to start using these companies to earn free money online. First of all you will need an email address. This should not be a problem with most people. Most of us have an email address. Second you will need a Paypal account to receive your payments. Third you will need a verifiable phone number and a mailing address. The last thing you will need is a credit card. I know I am seeing all the red flags flying right now, but just hear me out.

Qualifying To Receive Commissions

In order to receive commissions from the website offering these products or services you need to qualify. In order to qualify you need to accumulate 1 credit. To get your credit you choose a product or service you might like. Each product or service has a credit value. I chose a FREE offer when I qualified and it’s value was 1 credit. Some offers charge a few bucks. But I would not use them unless I wanted to keep the product or service. Free is the way to go. Then cancel your subscription before the trial ends and it ends up costing you nothing to qualify.

Because you are qualified you no longer need to go through the process ever again. So now you can start earning commissions and start earning free money online.

Free Money Online Using Express My Cash Freebies

I use My Cash Freebies as my platform. Once you qualify all you need to do is get other people to join and try offers. These products or services that are offered are things most people want or need it’s an easy sell. Follow the directions below to get started.

First go to My Cash Freebies Go down and insert your email address. After you do that you will be able to create your account. Remember you can only have one account per household. Once your account is created you need to complete an offer. Your goal is to select an offer that credits you one 1.00 credit. You need to have the credit to get paid for referrals. All offers have different credit values. So I would pick one with 1 full credit. I would also  pick a free one or one that only costs a few bucks. Pick an offer you might need. If you don’t like it you can cancel.

As you hover over a product or service you will see the conditions you need to meet in order to get credited. Be sure and follow these requirements to qualify to receive commissions.Free Money Online As you can see the advertisement is a product some people may want. After you have completed the requirements your credit should be active shortly. Once it is qo to your account.

Free Money Online

Notice the green line saying congratulations you have met the offer requirements. Now your good to go and start making money. Remember if you don’t want the product or service to cancel before the trial period ends.

Next go to all your friends and family. Get them to join and try an offer. Once they qualify you earn $20 bucks. Then have them do the same thing and they will be making $20 bucks a referral also. None of this has to cost you anything if you don’t want it to.

Advertising The Free Money Online Technique

Your friends and family will only go so far until you need other referrals. So you will need to advertise some how. What better way to advertise than to advertise to other people who want to make Money. So these people are in Traffic Exchanges. These exchanges get a bad rap from people because most people get no where with them. The reason is because they don’t know how to use traffic exchanges.

First of all you need to make your own promotional products. Things like Banners and splash pages. Here is a post I did on doing just that with a video tutorial. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

You also need to join more than one traffic exchange. There are a lot of reasons for this that are explained in this post I wrote about traffic exchanges. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Now for one more bonus. This is a traffic course I wrote that I am giving to you for FREE. So CLICK HERE to get started.

To Your Success

Free Money Online

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