Gifbuddy Don’t Purchase It Save Money Read This Review

Gifbuddy is a new product that was founded by one marketer and is now been pushed by a huge 6 figure earner.  He remade the ad copy so it is more appealing and adding a lot of added bonuses to make the product have more value.

The truth is you do not need to purchase Gifbuddy at the cost of $40 because you can do this yourself with some free tools. The foundation on which the ad copy tries to hook you on is that Facebook Wants something from its readers. Most people take from Facebook but give nothing back.

So the compelling factor is that you need this product in order to get your free traffic from Facebook and other social media platforms. The truth is yes, in order to get people to actually pay attention to what you have to say you need to capture them through some kind of visual magnet.

Gifbuddy Is Not A New Concept

Fact is I have been using the gif animation concept for a while now and have been surprised by this product that actually exploits a free tool to line the pockets of people trying to make just another thing to get your money and make you think you “Gotta Have This New Shinny Object.”

You have to believe me when I say you don’t need all those shinny objects to make money online. What you need is to follow someone that is not out to just take your money. There are only a few things you need to make money online, and after that you need traffic plain and simple. So find an honest person that will guide you.

I could be that person if you want. But in the mean time here is a complementary tutorial on how to make free simple gif’s. Click Here

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