To Hard To Stop So Many Emails

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Emails, can we please stop the madness!

What is it about emails, I wake up every day to tons of emails everyday. Even if I unsubscribe they still manage to get through some how. What happened to their so called privacy policy. It seems that these marketing people share the information with each other, or they will say, here is a great product from one of my business partners then all of a sudden starts sending out emails about the next best thing.

I believe in providing a service and never promise anything unless I can deliver. Can you imagine someone offering a course on how to get traffic on free offers? Here, I will give you the course Free no strings. Why because one, free offers don’t work anymore because people are not dumb, they know as soon as the marketer gets their email they will be bombarded with emails on how they can show you a way to start making $100 a day or more with their simple system. This is the top of their sales funnel.

Free-Offers-for-Website-Traffic emails

Then they give you the free offers for the opt-in email address. (This is a legit funnel by the way, I am just trying to show you the thinking of the non ethical marketer offering garbage because they copy these strategies, why? because they work.


Then comes the fake proof of how successful other people have been using their garbage product that promises you to make at least $100 a day.


So then comes the Coup de grasse  or the offer, if you get this far in the funnel you either will buy or not, if you buy then comes the up-sells if you don’t you get recycled again and again or until you unsubscribe or stop the emails some how.


So I stopped giving away free offers. If you want something for free, just ask, I will try and find you what you are looking for and give it yo you. I won’t bombard you with follow up emails which would be fine except instead of marketers sending how are you doing emails they say since you bought this here is another way to make $100 a week very simply.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t found tons of ways to make $100 a day that is easy, and the worst thing is they insult you with a low price. If what they have is truly a gold mine would they sell it for $5? Come on people wake up.

Every course I have seen for internet marketing teaches in my opinion rip off tactics listed above. For instance, offer a free bribe, get their email address, educate them (through a autoresponder series) on what kind of crap you are about to try and sell them, then send a cheap offer about the new best way to make a $100 dollars a day, and if you bite, then you get an up-sell on how they have done the work for you for $27 (really?) and if you bite on that up-sell there is another and another until you get sick of charging your credit card. Then in the end what have you got? Nothing, nothing that will get you $100 a day that’s for sure.

Aren’t you tired of reading a blog, someone who you think will teach you something when all of a sudden bang, a pop up that covers the whole page and you can’t read anymore until you either opt-in or X out. This is another tactic marketers say works to get subscribers, once they get your email address you start getting the educational emails on the new course they have will teach you how to make $100 a day, enroll now while spots are available. What a crock.

The saying I hate the most is ” the money is in the list ” so get my list building guide now for only $5, What! If your information is so valuable why would you just give it away for $5. Here is a free listing guide from me, again no strings. Or another good one is Solo Ads, Where someone offers you their email list to send your offer to. Ever see the price these people charge per 100 so called clicks? Do you really believe if someone had a responsive list of people and those people really trusted that person would they sell that trust to a stranger? I think not.

The old saying if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. Don’t be stupid and believe for one second all these people who boast about selling you their money making system for $5 is really going to produce that.

If you really want to make money online and don’t think I know what I am talking about find some one who does like Pat Flynn, her will never offer you crap and spam you to death with emails just like I won’t. I will try and educate just like Pat and would never even offer anything unless it works for me first.

These are the people you want to follow because their is no easy way to start a business online, and if there was a guaranteed way to make that $100 a day it would be worth thousands not $5

Sales funnel courtesy of  AD ASTRA


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