Home Business Ideas Will It P.A.S.S. The Test

Home Business Ideas, is something more and more people everyday think about. Of course people also want a winning idea. So when thinking about home business ideas you first want to put it through the P.A.S.S. test. This acronym stands for Problem | Action | Solve | Sustainable. So is there a Problem. Will people take Action. Can you Solve it. Is it a Sustainable niche.

So when coming up with home business ideas your niche must  P.A.S.S. the test first. So lets find out if your niche will work by using the P.A.S.S. test.

Is There A Problem

When picking a niche for your home business ideas, you need to be solving a problem. The best way to figure this out is perhaps taking a problem you have and finding a solution. Because it is personal to you, you will be passionate enough to see it through. So let’s say you used to be over weight and you found a solution for yourself that worked. Wouldn’t that want to make you scream to the mountain tops ” I lost 50 lbs and here is how I did it.” So you found a solution to your problem doesn’t mean other people will be willing to take Action and buy your product. Well first things first. You don’t have a product yet, but you are so inspired you want to help people loose weight to. So start here. What product is popular, does what you want it to do and is profitable.

Is your home business ideas sustainable

Now you have a problem, you have a solution but you don’t know if people will take action to purchase your solution and if so is the niche sustainable. So lets find out.

The best place I know where to check this is Clickbank. Go to clickbank.com and click on the marketplace.

home business ideas

As you can see there is a lot of categories on the left to choose from.

home business ideas

So scroll down to health and fitness sense you want to help people lose weight. Now click on that and see the results. Here the first thing is people take action. We know this by the gravity score in which case is 213.94 which is quite high. Then the sale price $35.85 Ave %sale is 71.0 which means out of $35.85 you get $25.45 as the affiliate. But it is not sustainable because there are no rebill or recurring sales. It is a one time sale. Don’t get me wrong you can make money here, but just one time.

home business ideas

So lets scroll down a little and see one I think is sustainable. as you can see all of these meed the criteria to pass the test. The last one is quite interesting. Gravity is good at 113. Initial sale price is $33.23 in which you get 81% or $26.93 but the exciting part is each rebill is $144.00. So this is a keeper for sure, Like I said all the others in this screen shot is good to.

home business ideas

Google search home business ideas

When I type in “home business ideas” I get this. Notice the first three results are advertisements which means people are willing to pay for this keyword phrase. This is what prompted me to write this post. Because it is a topic of interest.

home business ideas

So if you want to create a product, create it based on the top selling producs in clickbank. You can see their sales pages by clicking on the title and now you have sales copy ideas. If you are clueless on how to create informational products I have a free report here that might help you. Or you can go with selling the clickbank offer. It is up to you.

I hope this helps you on deciding what to choose as a niche to promote.

To your success


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