How To Build A Website From The Ground Up, Where Do I Start?

how to build a websiteWhen people decide to build a website, most of the time there is no thought put onto it. Most websites are blog based so if that is the case you better love what you will be blogging about or in a very short amount of time you will get board with the subject matter and run out of things to post.

There is really no magical formula to building a website other than love. If you care about what you are putting out there people will listen. I have been doing this for a long time and in the beginning it was all about the money and how much I could make.

But it can’t be about the money, it has to be about your readers. If you put honest, valuable and quality content out there in the subject matter you choose you will be a success and the money will follow. Don’t waste time following the money or you will be dissapointed.

My IPA Business Model For Building A Website

I am not trying to sell anything here but I thought you might like the opportunity to judge for yourself.

I created a program especially for beginners out there who want to have an online presence. There is no promising you instant wealth fortune and fame. But I can teach you from the ground up  how to build a website from scratch with the proper elements for the strategy you want to implement.

Anyone can do this but you must realize that just putting a website up no matter how beautiful or engaging you still need to attract visitors. And generate subscribers that engage with you and your content.

This is what I teach, from the ground up. it all starts with an idea, and then research about that idea. Then creating a website with content that satisfies the concept of that idea. So you can have any subject and create a following for your content. You just need passion for what you are putting out there.

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To your success

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Rey Albert

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