How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free

how to increase blog traffic for free

How To Increase Blog Traffic. At some point or another, all Internet-based businesses struggle with the traffic generation problem. Whether they have no traffic at all or some (but not enough), all webmasters know that they can  radically increase their sales volume if they can only find a reliable way to generate more traffic.

Unfortunately, this often proves to be a tough task. In this chapter, I will outline some of your best options for traffic generation.

How to Generate Traffic for Your Blog

For many, writing a blog is something they do in order to vent their frustrations with the world, comment on current events, or simply do the thing they love most: write. For others, a blog is a tool to generate traffic and sell a product, whether directly or indirectly.

For others, it is a combination of both. Whatever the case may be, however, no one wants to write a blog that no one reads. So here are some simple methods to get the traffic flowing to your blog for free.

 To Get Traffic To Your Blog First Try Fresh Content

It turns readers off to see your last blog post was a month ago. People like to feel like what they are reading–particularly in blog form–is up to date. Plus, the more frequently your blog is updated, the more frequently the search engines will crawl you.

Blog Linking

This is a great way to get traffic from others, and, of course, do them the favor in return. As long as you have a blog worth reading and are willing to reciprocate, there’s no reason why you can’t get other bloggers to link to you, thus making their traffic your traffic.

Stir the Pot

People don’t want to read timid blogs. Everyone has an opinion, including you. Controversy creates readers. If you have strong opinions about something, don’t be afraid to let it all hang out in your blog. Those you offend will be the most likely to return.

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free

One of the most frustrating tasks for any new webmaster is finding out how to bring visitors to their exciting new site. Perhaps you have a product to sell, or ads you want people to click on.

Perhaps you just have a fun site you want people to come and enjoy. Nothing can kill your enthusiasm faster than creating new content that no one ever looks at. Here are two easy ways to change all that and bring some much needed traffic to your website.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Their importance cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when you could simply put some relevant meta tags on your web pages and call it a day. Your website has to be keyword rich in order to attract the search engines.

Search engines have complicated algorithms, but they aren’t intelligent. If your website is about movies, but you always call them “films” on your site, a person searching for “movies” on Google will never find you.


One of the easiest ways to increase your search engine rankings, and thus increase your traffic, is to secure back links. Backlinks are nothing more or less than links to your website on other websites. The more of these you have in cyberspace, the more search engines see your site as an “authority”.

Be careful, though. Don’t bother with back links from so-called link farms. They will do you no good, and may even hurt you in the rankings.

How to Optimize Your Site For Natural Search Engine Traffic

Search engine traffic is the most powerful form of internet availability. By now, everyone who is surfing the internet knows how to use the major search engines. Studies have shown that visitors who find sites through natural search are up to ten times more likely to stay and even buy from the website.

This gives the website owner plenty of incentive to optimize their site to increase their search engine ranking and bring in that sweet traffic. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

Make Your Site Keyword Rich

It has been stated dozens of times before, but this is the most important aspect of ranking well with the search engines. Now, this doesn’t mean filling your site with a bunch of gobbledygook with keywords sprinkled within.

The content doesn’t have to be award winning if your primary goal is just to generate traffic, but it should be readable. If the search engines believe you’re practicing keyword-stuffing, they may penalize you.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Nothing will bring down the wrath of the search engines faster than filling your site with content that can already be found elsewhere. In order to rank well, your site must be full of content and it must be unique. We could be talking about hundreds of pages here, so don’t think you’re going to get away with a few updates here and there.

Like anything else, building a successful website takes hard work, so be prepared to put in some hours.

How to Retain Traffic – How to Get Visitors to Return

So you think you’re on your way. You’ve got a website people are interested in, you’ve found a way to increase your natural rankings in the search engines, and your traffic reports are looking better and better every day. But you’ve still got one problem.

When you look at those traffic reports, a troubling statistic stands out to you. Almost all of your traffic is coming from first time visitors. What about yesterday’s visitors? Why aren’t they coming back? Here are two ways to turn your unique visitors into returners.

Bookmark Encouragement

This is an old trick in the website world, but it is surprisingly successful in bringing return traffic. Of course, most people who use the internet know how to bookmark a site, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them, does it?

Put a little comment at the top of your website that encourages people to bookmark your site. Give a little instruction on how to do it for all of the popular browsers. After all, people are much more likely to return to your site if it can be found in their bookmark list.

Get Your Fresh, Hot Newsletter

This is one of the most reliable ways to secure repeat traffic. Fashion a form on your website that allows people to subscribe to your newsletter. Send a newsletter out every couple of weeks or so (even more, if you feel up to it). Put things in the newsletter that will encourage people to return to your website (sales, promotions, you get the idea). Before long, those one time visitors will be lifelong fans of your site.

How to Select Keywords for Your Site

Keywords are the backbone of website success. Without them, you could have the best website on the internet, and no one might ever know about it. Keywords help you to rank highly with the search engines, and search engines are the driving force behind internet usage.

Being a newcomer, however, you may have little idea of how to choose the right keywords. Here are a couple of ways to select the ones that will help you the most. Populate your site with them, and you’ll be on your way to success.

Good. . .But Not Too Good

Let’s say your website is about weight loss. You are selling a diet book on this website and you want to find the right keywords to bring in the traffic. Well, you could start with the obvious ones. “Lose weight”, “weight loss”, “diet book”, and by all means, these key words should be present in your website.

But consider the competition for weight loss sites. It is enormous, and they have all been established longer than you, and have higher rankings with those keywords. The trick, then, is to find niche keywords that are still good, but not as competitive.

For this example, consider the terms “Beyonce diet” or “Celebrity Fit Club.” This utilizes buzzwords in the weight loss community–things people looking for a diet book might search for. At the same time, you’re avoiding the worst of the competition and giving yourself a chance at the front page of the rankings.

Relevancy is Everything

Make sure, above all, that the keywords you choose are relevant to the content you are posting and, ultimately, to the products you are trying to sell. Going back to the diet website example: just because Britney Spears is a hot search topic doesn’t mean you should pollute your site with Britney content and keywords just to bring in the traffic.

The traffic might come, but they won’t buy your diet book. Keep it relevant, and your sell through will improve tremendously.

How to Generate Traffic By Posting on Forums

Forum postings are one of the easiest and most successful ways to bring traffic to your website or blog. People like to help people who they respect, admire, or simply appreciate. By joining a forum that is relevant to the content of your website, you are joining a community of potential customers.

Now whether you are selling a product, making money from ads, or only out to enrich the lives of internet users with your compelling content, forum posting is a great way to get the traffic flowing.

The first thing you’ll want to do when signing up for a relevant forum is to place a link to your website in your signature. Unless directly asked about it, this will be the only mention you will ever make about your website on the forum.

Direct advertising is considered spam by most message boards and it will cause your stay in any one particular place to be brief and unprofitable. A much better way is to stick around, make several posts each day, make friends, be helpful, and let people discover your website on their own.

By learning to trust you through the site, they will be that much more likely to appreciate your website and whatever it may have to offer.

Another benefit of posting on forums with a signature is the creation of your own back-links. Think about it: each of those posts is another link to your website. Theories vary on whether each of these links would count as one or count individually, but they certainly can’t hurt.

If you belong to more than one forum, they will certainly count for more. And more back-links are always a good thing for your traffic.

How to Generate Traffic Inexpensively

Using banner advertisements, pay per click ads, and offline promotion can be costly for the startup webmaster. If you got into the internet game to sell a product, chances are you hoped to make a little money before you had to spend all you had.

There is good news, however. Using these three techniques can net you some traffic and you won’t have to spend a dime to get it.

Forum Posting

Let’s say you have a website that sells an eBook on how to cook. Well, the first thing you’ll find is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of message boards on the internet devoted to the art of cooking.

Join one or two of them, place a link to your eBook in the signature of your posts, and get to posting. Don’t mention the eBook or your website in your posts, however. Let the signature and your helpful words do the work for you.

Link Exchange

Let’s go back to that cookbook you want to sell. Search around and find other websites devoted to cooking and teaching people how to make their way around the kitchen. Send a friendly and professional email to the webmaster asking if he would like to exchange links.

Chances are, if the site isn’t too far out of your league, and you have enough free content to warrant a casual visit, they will say yes. Just like that, you have a new revenue for traffic. Rinse and repeat.

Press Releases

There are a few free press release websites on the internet where you can send in your pre-written press release and they will post it on the web for free. If you have something newsworthy to share, write up a nice press release and let the world know about it.

Even if the release itself doesn’t bring the traffic flowing in, it will provide you with another link back, which should improve your search engine ranking.

How to Generate 100 Visitors Per Day

Getting traffic to your website or blog can be a daunting task for the young up and coming webmaster. However, there are some tricks to getting a constant flow of traffic–ones you might not read about in your average website marketing article.

These tricks work, however, and if you put them to consistent use, you can be guaranteed at least a hundred visitors to your site each day.

Social Networking Sites

The concept is simple to understand, difficult to master. Write an article that will entice readers to come to your website. “Digg” the article and let the traffic flow like never before. A properly “Dugg” article can bring hundreds of visitors to your website in a matter of an hour.

The problem is, it’s difficult to pinpoint just what type of article might become popular on the social networking sites. To discover this, you’ll need to do your own research, which includes simply watching what types of articles get “dugg” the most. Follow what is working.

Yahoo Answers

The terms of service state very clearly that spam of any kind is not appreciated. That doesn’t put this technique firmly into the black hat category, but it might tend to fall into the gray.

Because Yahoo Answers will sometimes delete accounts that misuse their service, it’s recommended that you create a new account separate from the one you might use for your personal email before embarking on an answering spree.

To increase your longevity, answer only questions that are relevant to your website, and place a link to your site in the “Know Your Source?” box below. For better results, don’t let on that you are the webmaster, wink-wink.


Right now, you may be eager to rush off and try out all of these different methods for traffic generation; and that’s actually a good idea. But keep this in mind: through experimentation and practice, you will slowly start to gravitate towards the methods which generate the best quality traffic for the cheapest price.

Once you find them, stick with them and maximize your gains from those particular sources, rather than spreading your efforts thin.

To your success

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Rey Albert

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