How to Start A Blog 2018 And Make Money

how to start a blog

If you want to know how to start a blog this article will get you going in the right direction. There has been a lot written on how to start a blog but most of that information is old. This will get you through 2018 so it is fresh and relevant.

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Passive blogging is a wonderful way to not only put your thoughts to words but to make a substantial income as well. First off, I want you to understand that there is no fixed scope that your blog should have, which means you can write about whatever you’re interested in, and that is what I recommend.

However, the difference between a profitable blog and a non-profitable blog is the way the blog is written. If you want to make money with your blog you need to make every post strategically written with R.O.I. in mind.

What I mean by that is you must first make an outline of your blog post. It must have a path with a beginning and an end. Keep in mind that you won’t get away with the old 300-400 word blogs any more.

That was the old days, today instead of writing in quantity for the search engines,  you must write quality keyword rich posts of at least 900 words and ad a ton of value for your readers. This is how to blog in 2018 and beyond.

Also keep in mind that when people log on to your blog, they are not only looking for information – they are also looking for information they can obtain easily, and better still in a relaxed manner.

How to Start A Blog – The Human Touch

When learning how to start a blog, you need to write it in such a way as to attract more visitors and to keep your current visitors coming back for more, so it is very important to add a human touch to your blog posts.

This can be done by simply imagining you’re talking about a certain topic with your personal friend. An extra bonus for your readers would be to have a great sense of humor, so try to add funny comments in your articles where they are suitable.

You should write as if you’re having a conversation to a single person because this will make your visitor think of you more as a personal friend rather than a person of higher authority.

Having a distinctive personality in your blog writing would make a world of difference between your blog about gadgets and all the other blogs about gadgets out there.

This is a lot like creating your own brand name, where people immediately remember your blog’s name when they need to find out information about gadgets, just like how people immediately think of McDonald’s for fast food or Nike for sportswear.

So, the lesson here is to simply write as an equal friend to your visitors, write to them as if you’re talking to a single person and establish your own personality on your blog.

Blog Content Brainstorming – How To Start A Blog

Your blog will need to be regularly updated to maintain its readership! Hence, you must always find fresh topics to write about, and we’re going to discuss how to do just that.

I have talked about how to write attractively, so now we are going to discuss what we are going to write on. The very first option that I think a blogger should write on is a topic that he or she feels passionate and interested in. I know I said that before but I think this is a very important point.

You’ve chosen to be a blogger because you want to escape a mundane job – forcing yourself to write about something that you’re not interested in is as torturous as as your mundane job!

The other reason I ask you to write about something you’re passionate about is because your feelings and emotion shows through your writings! If you feel indifferent to a certain subject but still write about it just for the sake of it, your readers will notice it.

Remember the advice about writing with a personality? Forcing yourself to write will not establish a welcoming style at all.

How To Start A Blog 2018

This is where things change from the old to the new. In the past it was about quantity and stuffing your blogs with keywords for the search engines. Now it is about quality so keyword stuffing isn’t necessary.

So once you have chosen what you want to blog about, start posting to your blog about it. Your blog posts should be regular. In the past you were to post every day about anything and to make sure you had at least 300-500 words stuffed with keywords.

Instead today’s blogger should post at the most once a week and at the least a couple of times a month. Why, because every post must be of value to your readers, you are trying to make money so your content must be worth your readers time. So you must put your all into it.

When you run into a writers block, and you will, the best way I have found to solve that is just visit other blogs on the same subject That way you can get an idea on what other people are writing about.

Another thing I would suggest is to visit forums on your subject matter and see what kind of questions are being asked and then write about a solution. That is where research comes into play. Then creating a blog post that will blow people away.

Remember to keep up your momentum of posting on a regular basis. Remember it is about quality and nor quantity.

How To Start A Blog – Search Engine Optimization

Now that you know you need quality blogs and content that gives value you need to be able to be found by the search engines. In the opening remarks I said we don’t need to stuff our content with keywords and that still is true.

But we still need some keywords for the search engines to find us. So why the contradiction? Well remember I said we don’t need to stuff our content with keywords but we still need them in key areas of our blog. These areas are:

  • In Your Title
  • The URL
  • Meta Discription
  • First paragraph of your blog
  • Then sprinkled through out where they make sense.
  • All images as Alt Text

This is the first thing you should think about before writing your blog post. What I do first is I figure out what I am going to write about. (This Post For Instance) Then I just do a google search on my topic and see what keywords come up in the suggestions which is what appears below the bare your are typing in as you are typing.

I tend to use longer tailed keywords just because if I was to use say “blog” it wouldn’t be targeted enough to get ranked in the search engines. Then just typing in “how to start a blog” the extensions of the phrase were, “free, post, business, page, on WordPress, to make money and the list goes on.”

So how do you choose with so many options? First does any option relate to what you will be writing about? Does it describe what you want to say in your blog post? If there are more than one that fits the bill then you must research each one to see how many people are actually searching for those keywords.

Narrowing the field – How To Start A Blog

So  if I type in how to start a blog in the search bar I get more than 387 million results. So we need to narrow it down by putting the key word in parenthesis. “how to start a blog”  that results in over 10 million results, which tells us there is a lot of interest (over 10 million of them).

This is called an exact match keyword which means that is how many people are actually typing in how to start a blog in the search bar. That is a lot of interest.

So now we need to go a step further and ask the search engines how many of these results actually have the keyword in the title of there content. You do it like this: allintitle:”how to start a blog” the results are a little over 29,000.

So what does this mean? Well there are over 10 million people typing in that search exactly which means there is a lot of interest. Putting in the phrase allintitle lets you know that there are 29,000 people trying to rank for that keyword. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in and why keywords are important.

Putting the keyword in the title is just one part of the SEO process. Now lets see how many of those 29,000 people actually have the keyword in their URL by typing allinurl:”how to start a blog”  There is actually more people with it in the URL 49,000.

The best case would be to have the all in URL as small as possible because that will mean how much competition you will have trying to rank for that keyword.

The MOZ Bar – Free Chrome Extention

If you use Google Chrome I would suggest you get the MOZ BAR EXTENSION PLUGIN. This will help you judge if the keyword you are trying to rank for is beyond your reach to compete with.

As you can see below the first 4 results for the keyword how to start a blog has lots of competition if you are new. Page authority/links plus Domain Authority will tell you if you can compete. I was skeptical about this keyword untill I seen the 4th result which I know I can beat.

How to Start A Blog pic of google

So domain authority is a ranking Google gives that page based on a bunch of things like content, quality, and page retention plus other things most people don’t understand.

But back links you can control. This is a simple matter of commenting on other blogs, commenting in forums, asking other relevant blogs for  back links and commenting on social media and even having any kind of social media account related to your niche.  Having Facebook fan page for your blog, YouTube, Pinterest and so much more.

If you have a WordPress platform which 90% of people do get the Yoast SEO Plugin which will help you keep your on page SEO in check. I could go on and on about SEO but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Just know it is very important and you must do this with each blog post. That is why it will take a week or more for each post. No one said this was going to be easy and as it should be. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it and there would be way to much competition.

Submitting your work to article directories

This is another way to get eyeballs on your blog. You can find directories by just Googling “article directories” and submitting your articles. Each directory has it’s own criteria for submission so you just have to find which ones you can work with.

Monetizing Your Blog – How To Start A Blog

You have been working hard to produce good-quality, original content on your blog and you have attracted a decent amount of traffic by doing so. However, money is not going to appear out of thin air just because you have traffic. You have to turn your traffic into money.

There are several ways to generate profits from the visitors of your blog, and Google’s Adsense programe allows you to do so with ultimate ease. First, visit their website at You’ll find out more about their advertising programe there, but here are some extra bits I’d like to tell you.

First, Google’s Adsense programe is a really useful way to monetize your blog because when users finish reading your newest post, chances are they want to leave your blog because they have nothing else to do on your blog. If your Adsense advertisement block is visible on your blog, they might see advertisements relevant to them and click on them to exit your blog. Ka-ching! You’ve just cashed in on your first virtual cents!

But yes, your profits will only be cents if you don’t “do it right”. This involves placing your Google ads in the right places and ensuring they blend in to your site.

Recommend Products

Another way to earn profits from your blog is to recommend products to your readers. When your visitors buy from the merchants you recommend, you get to keep a little commission too. This is known as affiliate marketing and it is very easy to start because you don’t have to create your own products or services.

Let’s say you discover this Gadget X on a merchant’s website, and they offer an affiliate program. What you would do is to create a post in your blog and do a mini-review on this Gadget X. Rip it apart and point out its benefits and bad points, if any, and include a link (which is given by the merchant) for the visitor to purchase the Gadget X online.

If your visitor clicks and purchases the gadget, the merchant will track from the link that the purchase is referred by you, so they will send you your share of the profits. Imagine if 1 out of every 100 visitors you get purchases this product, and you earn $27.00 commission from each purchase! If you get 10,000 visitors in a month that would be a $2,700.00 paycheck for you just for writing about ONE product.

Now, affiliate programs are very nice ways to generate profit, but how do you find affiliate programs that are related to your blog’s theme? Easy, just go to Google and search for <your niche> +”affiliate programs”.

More Monetizing Options

We’ve discussed about using Google Adsense program and other merchants’ affiliate programs to generate profits from your blog. However, we have a lot of other options of monetize your blog, so we’re going to look into that now.

The first option we’ll be looking at is Chitika ( Chitika is a very innovative contextual advertising program because it can serve very detailed advertisements.

For example, on your technological gadget blog, Chitika will show advertisements for tech gadgets such as iPods. The way they show it is in different tabs: one for “Best deals”, another for “details”, another for “reviews” and so on.

This way, it is more of an informational section for your visitor rather than an advertisement, and naturally the click-through will be higher. You can apply here:


You can also be an affiliate for Amazon offers a wide range of products. Whatever your niche is about, you can probably find a book about it on Join their Associate program here:

Once you join them, you can refer visitors to them and earn up to 10% commission. It’s not a lot but if you can manage to refer big volumes of visitors, Amazon is for you. This programme really shines when it comes to the ways you can refer visitors: you can use their predefined templates to pull up recent items that match a certain criteria you set, you can target your ad to show a specific item on sale or you can just simply weave your referral links into your blog posts.

Selling Advertisement

Last but definitely not least, you can sell advertising space on your blog if your blog is truly popular. Just take a look at blogs like That blog receives over 10,000 page views every day and naturally merchants will want to strike a deal with the blog’s owner to post their advertisements there.

If you manage to pull in huge amounts of traffic like that blog, you can definitely get people to buy ad space on your blog for prices from $150/month upwards, depending on your blog popularity.

Interactions Between Blogs

As your blog’s content increase, people in your niche will definitely mention you for intelligent or interesting discussions. This is, in a sense, an initiation of an interaction. When people speak of you, you should thank them for the mention and build up the interaction!

As you continue doing this, you will start to gather a lot of friends in your niche. This is helpful later on when you decide to do collaborations such as interviews. In fact, when you’re out of ideas for writing on your blog, you can interview other blog owners in your niche!

Human beings are curious creatures, so naturally they would like to know more about a person whose writings they read so often.

You can also post trackback links on your posts. This means you can post an article about what other people have posted! Your particular post will then appear as a link on that post you have written about.

This is definitely a great way to get traffic if you post brilliant insights about a post on a very famous blog. Since the famous blog already has a per-existing pool of readers, this is like a shortcut to hog their visitors! The only thing you would want to observe is to keep your posts sensible and insightful, or you’ll be viewed as a spammer.

More On Internet Marketing

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