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Do you want to make HUGE PROFITS?

If you do want to make huge profits (and who wouldn’t) I have a little tidbit for you. I recently purchased a product called “FLIPP:ME” If you see this advertised or you get an email because you subscribed to something and they are promoting this product, don’t bother it is not worth the money.

This is a simple way to take a product from one source and sell it for profit at a a different platform. There is nothing new about buying low and selling high for huge profits, but to try and squeeze a few dollars from ones readers or followers in my opinion is wrong. Why not just do a blog post about it like me and just give it away.

So what is the big secret of this product (if you can call it that) that makes you huge profits? If I tell you I might have to shoot you after:) only kidding. The whole course is 6 very short PDF’s that probably took them all of a day to make. They did this big pre-sell of this product sending out emails for a few days building up the hype.

I have to admit I was excited to see what this was all about, they were claiming 400% ROI, make $100 – $150 a day with just 5 min work copy and pasting, no website needed. Boy what a let down when I bought this thing.

The whole thing is this, You go to and go to the gifts section. Then you choose some gift like jewelry that someone is making for $5, you then open up an store and sell that jewelry copy and pasting the information from to your store marking up the price 4x or what ever you feel comfortable charging.

So there you have it, a simple way to make huge profits buying low and selling high. The only thing is that I see is that most of these items at is actually more like $10 or more and take about three weeks on average turn around time. I don’t know if people will want to wait around that long for something they paid money for.

OK, there you have it, small blog post for a small and in my mind a stupid way to get your dollars. Buyer Beware

To Your Success

Rey Albert

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