20 No Cost Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Increase website traffic using these 20 no cost techniques. My favorite is number 5 

Anyone with a website or any presence online is always looking for ways to increase website traffic. Visitors to their cyber real estate is very important for survival. Many people who want to make money using their online presence are particularly interested in generating traffic.

To increase website traffic is not that difficult to do. The problem lies in maintaining a steady flow of traffic. I only can describe it as a car that has no gas in it. You put the gas in, but the car still doesn’t start. You prime it a little and you get a little start then it dies again. Not until you fully prime the gas lines will the car keep running. It is the same thing as traffic to your website.

You can use traffic exchanges to start priming the lines, but when you stop so does the traffic. Using face book can also prime the lines or using a blog post. Another thing is buying the traffic using different sources. But when you stop, so will the traffic. So how do you get the lines primed enough to keep going. The answer is you have to be consistent.

That is why I wrote this eBook. There are 20 ways you can increase your traffic at no cost. Sense you have to be consistent you might as well diversify your efforts. Believe me doing the same thing over and over again gets boring.

If you want to know how long it takes to have the fuel lines fully primed? There is no answer for that. It all depends on your dedication and grit. People that want to make it online have to be made of IRON. There is so much effort before you see any glimmer. There is a huge learning curve also. So get my complementary eBook and start learning the multiple ways to drive traffic to your cyber real estate.

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