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                   Next to No Competition – Everything that you get made can be copyrighted and presented in several ways to multiple markets within a niche

                   Incredible Profit Margins – eBooks are extremely profitable as the end product is entirely digital, costing you zero to send it to customers and the value is based upon what the information means to the customer. They truly are paying for the value of the information so you can make x5 more.

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                  No employees needed – You don’t need anyone except you, which cuts down on costs, puts more profit in your pocket and relieves you of the headaches of dealing with employees

                  Unlimited information – People are hungry for information like never before, with so much information freely available online people are overwhelmed and swamped in partial information and specific needs. You will know exactly what those needs are and how to meet them.

                  Crazy low start-up costs – If you are considering starting for the very first time online, there is nothing better than this. You don’t need to store products; you don’t need a store because everything is stored digitally on a computer.

                 Paid Repeatedly – You create a product once and continue to get paid every time it’s sent to a new customer, plus there are quick ways you can modify the work and reach new niches within the same market — doubling even tripling your profit for the same amount of work that is done one time.

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