Internet Advertising Techniques Get Results

Internet advertising never stops for marketers. Just because it is Monday and we want to stay in bed marketing stops for no mortal. A quote from Mark Cuban ” Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you” So if you woke up today, it is a glorious day and its your responsibility to make it count. So here it goes.

Internet Advertising Techniques I Revealed Last Week

Last week I did a post on a internet advertising technique I learned and that I thought would help. So yesterday I put the technique to work and here are the results. I did everything step by step and it took me all day to get three ads up and running. I only let them run for a few hours. The results I got from two of them were great. One of them bombed terribly.

This is why when advertising you need to make at least five different variations and weed them out. So without further or due my results.


As you can see I got clicks on the first one 9 times out of 440 impressions. This is 2.04% click through which is pretty good. The second one is about 1.63% which is OK. But considering you are just paying for clicks you want to get as many as possible. The trick is to now convert the clicks to whatever your goal is.

Out of the 12 total clicks I would try and shoot for a 50% conversion on the website I sent them to. That is a good goal and if you can get at least 30 or 40% to begin with you would be doing great. So this is the second part of the equation. Converting your prospects that click on your ad to do whatever it is your goal is. It could be just signing up for your news letter or even purchasing a product.

When I come up with a landing page course I will be sure to post it. In the mean time using this technique will get you qualified prospects to your offer guaranteed. It is up to you to convert them. Good luck.

To your success


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