A Walk In The Park In Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Isn’t Always a Walk In the Park

Internet Marketing in the day to day can be challenging sometimes. You want to connect but I feel like I am talking to myself sometimes in cyberspace. I can tell you though that my last post about Facebook Hacks is working so well for me. I invested another $5 yesterday and so far I have over 100 new likes.

I used the page analysis and saw that the demographics showed that my audience for the campaign is mostly males ages 20- 35. This is important because it helps you narrow down who is interested in what you have to offer. Below is a snap shot of my last 4 campaigns I have run as recently as yesterday.

Internet Marketing

It is very important to use the free tools available to you to make your marketing dollars stretch as far as possible, as you can see I only spent $23.97 for over 1,000 total likes which is a little over 2 cents per engagement which is a good ROI.

If you haven’t read my Facebook Hack Post  click on the hyper link to read or go to my HOME PAGE  and check out the post. It will show you how to do this technique.

So you might be asking yourself OK so I have a lot of likes, so how does that help me when it comes to selling my product.

Well first of all when you have a lot of likes that is great Social Proof for your visitors. Do you think your visitors will take you seriously if they see your Facebook page and you have no one engaging your page? I would be thinking what does this person know and how can that person help me if no one is listening or reading your stuff.

Second you can pitch your products to the people that like your page. This is a built in traffic source and is as valuable as a email list. So I think so far I have benefited from my $24 investment to have over 1000 real live human beings actually engage my page.

You have to jump start your business somehow, and if you want to do that you need to spend a little cash. If you think you can’t afford it, just think back on how much money you have already spent on the next new thing that has come out and didn’t make you a dime.

Well I think I have talked enough about this subject, I hope you get the point and market smartly. If you learn the art of internet marketing you can live anywhere in the world and make money. That is what I call freedom.

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I gotta admit I do want to make a hell of a lot of money, but I also enjoy giving out value through my blogs. There are enough predators out there trying to get your money, you don’t need another one.

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