Keyword Research Most Valuable Data For Your Business

Keyword research is the most valuable thing you can do before you do anything online. In these days there is plenty of data for the search engines to search through to find anything you want on the internet. The searches people do online have a trend. Some more than others.

Researching  keywords for your business or expected niche market is very critical in your success as a marketer, no matter what your niche is. After all marketing is what we will be doing to attract people to our selected niche.

So Where Do We Start?

Well the most obvious place to start is doing a google search. Take this eBook for instance, If you type in a search for ” How To Start A Online Business” you get this result.

keyword research

Notice all the ads before you even get to the search results. This is a good indication this is a good keyword for my eBook. Now look below in the actual search results. Guess who is in the 8th spot on the first page.

keyword research

yep, it is me me!! This is a nice place to be because how often do people even go past the first page. Being on the first page is no accident, there is a lot going on but it all starts with keyword research.

Using Googles Keyword Research Tool

You also need to use the Google research tool. To use this tool you need to have a Google account. This is easy because if you have a gmail account you have a Google account. Then just sign up for the service from ad words. Just type in the search bar Google Keyword Tool and come to this page, then just sign in or sign up.

keyword research

Once logged in click the box in the picture below.

keyword research

Then just type in your search in this box


keyword research

Then click get ideas

keyword research

As you can see in the results below, that exact search phrase gets 1300 searches a month. Not bad. But the competition for that phrase is high meaning if you were to run an ads word campaign it would cost you $16.77  a click.

keyword research

But look at the rest of the results and you can see more keywords that get more and less searches. The one I highlighted is what I named my new eBook.

keyword research

So obviously you know by the keyword research, this is a good long tailed keyword phrase.  Plus the differance between 1300 searches and 6600 was “an” instead of “a” in the search term. Also if you were blogging about this keyword all these keyword phrases would be good blog titles.

To Your Success


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