Knowing Your Demographics Facebook Marketing


Knowing Your Demographics

Introduction To Facebook Marketing

Knowing Your Demographics is very Important when it comes to advertising. There are a lot you need to know about your demographics. This post is dedicated to do just that.

Hi, I hope you have your website up and autoresponder ready to go. You should have a campaign and signup form.

You should also create a thank you page by creating it in the back end of WordPress just like you would create any other page.

So now you want to get traffic to your sign up page. I also want you to create a lead magnet to give away as a bribe for people to sign up. (I also added a eBook How To Make Money Selling Nothing) Which will help  you in creating a lead magnet.
If you do not know how to do these things you can start the university training at
Getresponse which will guide you through the whole thing from soup
to nuts.

Once you are ready you are going to want to start a Facebook Page about your product or service. Then you need to know your demographics. Who are your target customers? Women Men, or both. There ages, education, children so forth and so on. So you gotta do some

I have a video for you to watch if you haven’t a clue where to start. Watch the video, then read the
eBook Targeting your avatar. Once you have that down pat I am going to show you how to get likes to your Fan Page really, really cheap. But first you must know your Avatar.



Targeting Your Avatar               This will teach you how
                                                           to create a lead Magnet

Knowing Your Demographics targeting your avatar                   Knowing Your Demographics make money selling nothing
To your success

Knowing Your Demographics rey albert

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