Learn To Catch Fish

It is going to be fishing season soon and if you are anything like me all you know is how to put a worm on a hook and throw it in the water and wait. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But I know everyone who has at least tried to fish knows there is a different way to fish for whatever fish you are trying to catch.

Call me stupid but I remember when my brother and I were young boys. I bought this skimpy rubber boat that I blew up myself, with no pump or anything, just but my mouth. Talk about getting light headed. But me and my bro was going to go out to get some bass. We went to this pond that you could only get to by foot, blew up the raft, (we each took turns blowing) and out in the raft we went. I will never forget that day. This pond was full of black snakes, frogs, copperheads, and all sorts of critters we were just stupid I guess or didn’t know any better.

Anyway we started fishing, I put a minnow on the hook and threw it out there. My brother put some plastic thing on his line and threw it out there. I got one I yelled and cranked her in. It was ok I guess about 10″ so I kept it and threw another one out, when my brother started yelling at the top of his lungs ” I got one” He got one alright, this thing was dragging us around the pond like we had a motor on the back. I was getting scared because I thought this thing was going to pull us in. I wanted no part of those snakes or whatever was pulling us around this pond.

Finally this thing must have been getting tired because we started slowing down and finally stopped. My brother was cranking this thing in and I could only imagine what the hell was on the line, when out of the water it came, this was the biggest bass I ever saw. My brother finally wrestled it into the raft and the thing kept on flapping around until it died. We must of eaten for a week off this thing, bit like I said, there is a different way to fish for different fish and I guess my brother found the magic bait for bass.

So anyway I have these eBooks that will teach you how to catch different kinds of fish. I am selling them for $1 each and I know you will learn something. Happy fishing.