Getting Cheap Likes To Your Facebook Page

Likes To Your Facebook PageIf you want to get cheap likes to your Facebook page just keep reading. All you have to do is go to the advertise button in the bottom left column. Click on that and click promote your page. Then you will want to click on ad creative and upload an image. Make sure there is no writing on it and make sure it is something that catches the eye.

Then go to People you choose through targeting and click edit. Make sure you pick 2nd tier countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Romania, Philippines, and so forth. These countries are the cheapest to advertise in so you will get a big bang for your money.

Set the price per day to $5 and then place your order. After a day or so check to see how many likes you have. You can do this for a week or so or if you are strapped for cash just do it once a month or so. The object here is to have social proof people like your page. If you only have 50 likes or less no one will take you seriously.

This is a simple way to get page likes to your page. Don’t go the fiverr route because most of the time those are bots liking your page and not real humans.

You also want to make sure you ad something to your Facebook page everyday. Try and find viral videos to post and get engagement. If you have a good video that is getting lots of attention try boosting it and get more likes and shares, then you can place a link to your offer.

This is just one of the ways to use Facebook to promote your offers. Getting likes to Your Facebook page is really simple once you get the hang of it.

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Likes To Your Facebook Page

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