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Make Money Online 2018 Beginners Guide For Success

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OK, we are coming into a new year soon…It is time to change your life and be self sufficient. How you can make money online 2018….

In this post I am going to give you the information you need to make money online 2018. PLEASE don’t think this is a get rich quick fix…

It will never happen that way…But if you can at least start and get some results you will be more stoked to keep going.



Make Money Online 2018 Countdown

First, decide what it is you want to do. Service – Store Front – Affiliate Marketing – Product Creation

Then you do a little keyword research to check out the competition. Here is a way to do quick and targeted keyword research without using the Google keyword planner.

June 2016 Google Restricts Access To The Keyword Planner

In June 2016 Google restricted access to the keyword planner. Google made it so you need to have an AdWords account to access it (so they say). Even with the AdWords account if you don’t have a running campaign you only see general information.

My Way Around It Below… Which is actually better cause it is in real time 🙂



Then get a domain name Here is a short video I made to show you how simple it is:



Now You Need To Get Website Hosting…People will balk and say why can’t I use a FREE website? I say if you don’t want control of your property with the possibility of losing everything after you start making money I say OK.

But for a measly $15 a month it is worth the peace of mind. Also with your first website most hosting companies will give you your first domain name for free 🙂

Below is a quick video on purchasing and setting up your domain hosting. 




Once you get your hosting no you want to install a WordPress Website this is pretty simple. Just Follow along with me. It is simple but will take a while to complete. So grab some snacks and a beverage and lets get cracking.




Building The Home Page


Finishing Up The Header Area And creating the Services Area



Creating the Call To Action



Creating The Work Section 



Creating The Client Section



Creating the Blog – Contact – And About Pages



Inserting Video Into Your Home Page



Finishing Up The About Me Page



Finishing The Contact Page Plus Bonus



Finishing Off The Blog Page and Footer



The Affiliate Website



Auto-Responder Set Up – Why Do We Need One – Getresponse Offers 30 Day Free Trial Without a Credit Card submission.




Creating The Opt-In Page



Creating Your Thank You Page



Custom CSS Code


I don’t want to confuse anyone. I am trying not to. The CSS code is this:

.page-id-611 .site-header,

.page-id-611 .site-footer {

    display: none;


All you need to do is copy this code including the brackets, go to your CSS plug in (this will be in the side bar to the left in your dashboard) click on the CSS icon and in the blank space just paste the code in. See Picture below. Then just change the page number


Creating Your Confirmation Page



Congratulations!! You are now officially an entrepreneur…But Now What?

This is where people get stuck. You Have a website and something to sell, but no buyers. How do you now get visitors to your site to see what you have to offer? Yep… If you don’t listen to anyone I bet you won’t last a week.

So Here Is The scoop…

First you need to do a little SEO. Go to your Facebook account and create a fan page. Make your fan page congruent with your website so when people click to it they won’t think they are in the wrong place. Below is a quick video on building a business fan page.


OK, then have one other social media platform. I use Twitter & Pinterest

Again create those platforms to replicate your website…

Now Social Bookmark your website…

There is two ways of doing this. You can either do a search for social book marking sites, join them and put a link to your website. Or you can just go to and search for someone who does social bookmarking. I would use this search phrase “manual social bookmarking panda” that way you know it will be done by hand and don’t bookmark more than 100 – 200 sites at a time.

Remember big brother (Google) Is watching you.

If you try and bookmark to much you will look like a spammer. That’s not good. So do this once a month for six months or so. The site will then start getting traction and grow on its own.

Do the same thing with your blog posts.

When you create blog posts create them strategically. Meaning monetize them and put out awesome content. Back in the day it was all about quantity and keyword stuffing. Don’t listen to the gurus that tell you to write a 500 word article a day. That won’t cut it. How can you put out awesome content in 500 words…

Instead Plan your content to be informative with great value…

Then Monetize and social bookmark each post. Also make sure you are keeping your fan page up to date as well as your other social media platforms.

Once you have traction create a funnel

To start automating your sales you need a funnel. Here is a Link to my “Perpetual Traffic Machine” a blueprint I came up with that will keep endless amounts of traffic coming to your website at a profit. It is a free download, so no worries.

But only use this once you have a steady organic flow first or else you will have to pay for the traffic in the form of ads.

To your success

make money online from home 2018
Rey Albert

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