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Want To Make Money Online From Home 2018

Gurus May Be Causing You To Lose Out On Making Money Online

Gone are the days of the bullshit gurus trying to sell you regurgitated PLR products. If you want to make money online from home 2018 you need to read this post all the way through. My best stuff is at the bottom of the post… Don’t read it and you will miss a lot of information that will help you.

For those of you who want to make money online from home 2018 first and foremost you have to get your head on straight. What I mean by this is it will not be done over night ever. Stop listening to the bullshit crap out there. It is so 1999.

All the hype about how much you can make while you sleep with one push of a button… come on, are we all morons? The only people really making money online are the ones not listening to that crap. Stop listening to that shit. Unsubscribe from their email lists. If you really want to make money and quit your 9-5 keep reading.

3 Key Elements For Making Money Online From Home 2018

They are…..drum roll please….the big secret reviled is!!! 

  • A Real Product that solves A Real Problem For Real People
  • One Kick Ass Converting Funnel
  • Traffic Source

Oh, I knew that!! Of course you did. But why haven’t you gone down that path? I’ll tell you why.. Because the gurus are good at pulling at your desires to have it now!! Immediate satisfaction – that is what they are advertising. Knowing all along their crap won’t help anyone. Have you tried to sell that crap? If so how are you doing with that? Is it working for you?

How to turn your desires into making money in 2018

First find a product that solves a real problem…

So what kind of product? Heck, I don’t know,what are you passionate about? If you pick something you are passionate about you won’t have a hard time writing about it.

I can tell you for sure that the big niches are Health, Wealth, Romance and Hobbies. I know that is a very broad spectrum. But at least it is a focus point. Which one resonates with you? I don’t know about you but I will tell you mine…

They are Health and Wealth. You can’t have one without the other. So having those two the others will fall in line. That is just me. Maybe you have other ideas, it don’t matter, just pick something that will resonate.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Find A Product To Sell

OK, here is the harder part. You need to pic a product you are going to want to sell in that niche. So if you never have done this before there is a  place I can recommend.  Amazon  if you go there scroll down to the bottom and you will see a link under make money with us.

Make Money Online From Home 2018 pic of amazon

Just click on that and follow the directions to sign up. Amazon has tons of products in every category you can think of, it isn’t just a place to buy books anymore. Commissions might be smaller but get people to buy from your link and you will have a constant flow of income.

For those of you that know about affiliate marketing and know where to get products you want to sell you are ahead of the game. Just do yourself a favor and don’t sell any get rich quick stuff you see all over the internet. People will just block you out and you will get no where.

Building That Killer Funnel – Make Money Online From Home 2018

This is the magic sauce that will get you all the sales you want. This is where 99.9% of people fail to make money online…  🙁

They listen to the gurus, they spam people and get no where for their efforts. You need a funnel to sell your stuff, and it has to be a converting monster if you want to make money.

What is a funnel?… 

It is just as it sounds. When you go after traffic or visitors to your offer it starts with some kind of advert. The advert herds people or attracts people to a link to see what it is you have that will solve their problem. Most times you will have something to offer for free to get them to click the link.

It Is A Fact Not Everyone Will Follow You

Some will click on the link and some won’t. It just depends on how good you are at enticing people to get them interested enough to click the link. That is the top of the funnel. The flow starts there.

You Need An Awesome Offer To Interest People

If your free item (also called a lead magnet) is attracting enough people will fill in some of their information to get the free item. This item should be part of the core offer to your solution for their problem

Not some lame PLR eBook or other such crap the gurus tell you to give away. Again, some will give their information, and some won’t.

For the people who do you then send them to what is called the… “The Amplifier Of Authority…

This is where you insert your authority in your thank you followup to there opting in for your AWESOME LEAD MAGNET  that resonates with them and convinces them you are an authority in the solution to their problem.


Now the next step in the funnel would be some kind of conversion event

In your thank you follow up you need to transition them into a sales call to action to get them to the next step in your funnel. This needs to be an up-sell from the lead magnet because if you remember your lead magnet must live in your core offer.

Don’t Make It Expensive!!

Your up-sell must be less than $20. The sweet spot is between $7 – $10 depending on your core offer. All you are trying to do is liquidate your traffic cost. You will make the money on your core offer.

What About The 90% That Don’t Buy My Up-Sell…

For those that don’t and get stuck in your funnel you need to have a dialog with them through follow up emails. You do this with an autoresponder sequence.

What you do next to – Make Money Online From Home 2018

This example of the funnel above is the simplest of funnels called the three page funnel. For affiliate marketing mostly this is all you need unless you are selling a very high priced item.

If You Are A Beginner That Needs A Starting Point…

I am offering my beginners course that I usually sell as an up-sell for $9.95 for FREE!! It will take you from knowing nothing to at least getting you online and ready to make some money. After that you can take my funnel course, but first things first. GET MY COURSE FREE HERE.

If you have a business like consulting, or repair services you might need another kind of funnel. So for those of you that want to do affiliate marketing and want to learn how to get this all together I suggest you take a look at my ” Perpetual Traffic Machine Blueprint

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To your success

make money online from home 2018
Rey Albert

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