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Making money online using other peoples products? Really? Yes you can make a fortune selling other peoples products as your own, how? It is simple, first lets answer the question for those of you that don’t know, what is a PLR product? Well the simple answer is:

The license that allows the holder to modify the contents of a product and sell it under his name. PLR products are quite popular over the internet, and if you are not using them, you are wasting a golden opportunity. The primary reason behind the immense popularity of PLR is that they can save a huge amount of time while guaranteeing quick returns.

Benefits Of Using PLR Products

  1. Sell the Content – This is the most obvious way of making money with PLR content, but very few people make use of this opportunity.
  2. Blog Post on Autopilot – You can acquire the content, make a few changes, add an introduction and tune WordPress to drip-feed your content at specific time intervals.
  3. Use the PLR Content in your Podcasts – You could easily convert a PLR video into an audio file using Audacity. You could then submit the recording to free podcast directories such as iTunes and generate traffic!
  4. Modify the Content at Will – You could acquire the rights to a video and change the graphics while keeping the audio and video content intact. This creates a new product which you can sell under your name.
  5. PLR Content for Webinar – You can use PLR content as the basis for your PowerPoint presentation. Simply approach an online marketer and add your Webinar to their list. You can turn this into a massive lead generator using tools such as
  6. Membership Sites – With the help of PLR, you can constantly add value to your membership site. You could use the PLR to create a fixed-term membership site and use Getresponse to automate the entire process.

The opportunities are only limited to your imagination. Say you want to build your email list? Here is 4 ways to do it using PLR Products.

Step 1 – Find some ready-to-go PLR content in your niche by searching our niche PLR store or browsing through the best PLR websites. Once you have your PLR (lead magnet), you can move onto step 2.

Step 2 – If the PLR you purchased has a squeeze page, setup it up on your web hosting server, if you don’t have a web host yet, Hostgator are great choices. Then connect your squeeze page to your autoresponder like GetResponse.

Step 3 – Host your new PLR product on Amazon S3, if you don’t have a Amazon S3 account, you can get one free and they have a free tier for a full 1 year which is awesome! Amazon S3 is the best option for hosting your digital products and is trusted by top marketers around the world plus it’s run by a successful giant also known as Amazon, so you know your products are in good hands!

Step 4 – Create your download page using WordPress or Landing Page Monkey and start driving traffic to your new squeeze page by offering the PLR product you bought as a freebie to entice people to join your list :)

If this sounds like something you might be interested in

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  4. How to insert your PayPal Button
  5. How to use ftp for uploading product
  6. How to create a download folder 

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