Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Everyone wants to make money online. But how can you do that? First of all you need to know what you want to do or sell online. Once you have an idea you then need to research the niche and specialize in that niche. Because most of the time your niche will be to broad. Because I want to help those that have an idea. My five part course will help guide you through the landmines.

What If I Don’t Have An Idea

Because there are so many ways to make money online, we will consider the easiest way I can think of. First lets talk about traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges are free to join. People in traffic exchanges are interested in making money.

This makes traffic exchanges a perfect platform for free advertisement. Basically traffic exchanges work like this. They will show your ad to people. In exchange you have to watch other ads for points. Most traffic exchanges offer a 3:1 ratio for free members. Which means you watch three ads and they will show yours once.

For members that upgrade, the ratio goes down between 2:1 or 1:1 depending on the traffic exchange. Other benefits of upgrading is they will also give you credits for ads for your website, Banners and text ads. Also you will get a higher percentage of referral income as well.

How to Use Traffic Exchanges

The best way to use traffic exchanges is to join a company that specializes in traffic exchanges. I use TE Profits. TE Profits like other companies has relationships with other exchanges. Meaning you can get discounts on upgrades with their associations. Te Profits also has a strategy you can follow step by step to become successful in the exchanges.

What you do in TE Profits is join all the traffic exchanges in their system, there are eight. You then ad you affiliate ID in the appropriate box. Once you do all eight you will then have a branded eBook with all your ID’s. You give this eBook away to anyone you like. If your eBook gets passed around your have a greater opportunity for referrals.

TE Profits also has free training on how to advertise and take advantage of the exchanges. Now because you are a member of TE Profits and all the exchanges you also have multiple streams of income. This strategy is not an instant money producing machine. Because you need to be consistent in your marketing plan. This goes for any business.

Creating Your Own Promotional Tools

One important piece of information is to create your own banners and splash pages. First of all if you think about this for a moment you will agree. Because everyone that is involved with, say, TE Profits will be using their promotional tools. Because of this fact you need to be different. You need to create your own promotional tools. Below is a video I made using, and all are free to join and you can create your own beautiful promotional tools.

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