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make money selling plr products

Make Money Selling PLR Products so what are they? Resell rights have to do with the proper authorization to purchase a given good or service, and be able to resell it at a profit.

Resell rights can extend to a number of different types of products, ranging from eBooks to software. There are actually several different categories of resell rights, with each of them having certain defining characteristics.

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Make Money Selling PLR Products 101

There are a few basic things to understand about the different types of resell rights, and how they work.

Normal or Basic resell rights have to do with being able to buy a product and the sell it to one of your own clients. Generally, there are restrictions on how you can brand the product, as well as a ceiling on the amount you can charge for the product.

Master Resell Rights encompass all the privileges of basic resell rights, but also create the right for your customers to resell the product as well. You can choose to also extend master resell rights to your customers, or keep more control of the process by granting basic rights only.

Private labeling is an approach to resell rights that have been going on for many decades. While the name of the original manufacturer is still intact, and the product is still recognizable as being an original, a private labeling arrangement allows you to customize the product for a specific audience.

Re-branding is perhaps the most intense form of resell rights, and one of the most popular. With this option, you acquire an existing product and repackage it under your own brand name.

This approach has been used for everything from loaves of bread to teleconference services. More recently, it has been used to as a way to customize software for a particular market, as well as adapt a broader eBook to a targeted audience.

So Lets Make Money Selling PLR Products Getting Started 

If you have decided that marketing products that are developed and manufactured by another business is for you, there are a few steps to take in order to find the right opportunity for you.

Draw on your past experience. In general, it is easier to market products when you have some personal knowledge of how to use the good or service.

This approach allows you to get a jump on understanding the assets and the liabilities that are associated with the product, which will make the process of evaluating your chances of being successful much better.

Check out the condition of the market. Even if you know a product well, the market may already be saturated with people who are promoting various incarnations of the good or service. Look for something that you know well, but that is not currently being sold by everyone under the sun.

Look into opportunities that involve the type of resell rights that you want. There is no point in wasting time on product lines where re-branding is not possible. If that is really what you want to do.

At the same time, if you want to keep it simple with basic resell rights, stay away from deals where the emphasis is on private labeling or re-branding.  Know how you want to market a product and that will help narrow your search.

Finding Resell Rights Products

While there are many people that think a good salesperson can sell anything, the fact is that there usually has to be some degree of connection between the seller and the product in order for the process to work at optimum efficiency. This means you will need to find the right product or products to market.

The first thing you can try is a Google search. Go to your favorite search engine and type in “your topic” + “resell rights”. Here’s an example – “dog training resell rights”. You’ll end up with a list of sites selling rights to products related to your subject.

Although there are several websites selling PLR Products, I use two all the time. The first one is “Resell Rights Weekly” I love this site because as a free member there are hundreds of products you can down load for free.

They do have a paid membership which gives you more privileges on the site but just starting out I would stick to the free version. I have been a member for years and have never upgraded. And I have had some amazing products.

The other site I use a lot is “Master Resale Rights” This is a free membership site period. There is a lot of free and cheap downloads. As cheap as $.01, you can download all you want but you must have at least $.99 in your cart.

Be sure and look for something that is not already beat to death. That great opportunity with a nationally known brand is a great offer. In fact, it is so great that a million other people are already on board with it.

Looking for a product that is below the radar and needs some exposure can help you break into a niche market where the competition is not so fierce.

Research first, commit later. No matter how good a resell deal looks on the front end, do your homework before committing your time and possibly a portion of your resources to the project. This will allow you to sidestep business relationships that could prove to be unproductive, and allow you to focus on more lucrative ventures.

The Top Five Resell Rights Selling Strategies

Reselling products combines the best of two different worlds. You have the chance to draw on the strengths associated with a developed product, and still add your own special touch. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of the situation.

Look at the marketing strategy used by other people. This will provide you with some valuable tips to use in your advertising and promotion ideas. Even if you are re-branding the product, you will find the guidelines to be very helpful.

Look for ways to present the product to a new market sector. If the product is normally touted as great for a business, look into applications that make it ideal for use around the home as well. This will help you to find your own corner of the market, and capture it before someone else has the same idea.

Use a variety of advertising mediums. If the product is primarily promoted in more traditional methods, take your campaign to online magazines, create some eBooks, and put together a streaming video or two. The added elements will help your campaign to stand out from that of other re-sellers.

Create new advertising copy that will make the product seem fresh and new. This is especially important if you plan on reselling a product under its own name. Bringing a new approach to an old favorite will make all the difference in your level of success.

Last, test drive your market ideas before launching them. Making sure that the campaign has the right impact at consumer level, and that it makes sense, will greatly enhance the chances of making a sale.

How To Use PLR Resell Rights Products

Private Label Rights are associated with taking an existing product and obtaining permission to adapt or alter the product so that you become the author of the item that will be resold. To this end, there are a few things to keep in mind about PLR and your responsibilities as a re-seller.

There may be some limits on what you can and cannot change within the product. Usually, this is spelled out in detail in the terms and conditions associated with the resell agreement.

To this end, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before signing anything, as well as reviewing them when you begin to make the modifications.

Research how the changes will impact the finished product. You want to preserve the integrity of the product, while at the same time adding your own angle to the direction and application of the product. This will help you make the best possible alterations to the product, and not accidentally decrease the appeal.

How to Make Money with Private Label Rights Articles

Private label rights articles are a great way to create an ongoing revenue stream. In order to make the articles attractive to people who will want resell your products, including the articles themselves, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Make the articles informative. They should be long enough to include key facts about the subject matter, but at the same time not get too bogged down in detail. Striking the balance between informing the reader and leaving him or her wanting a little bit more is a great strategy for selling your next article.

Go with subjects that are of enduring interest. While you may score some big bucks with a topic that has to do with a current fad or trend, the shelf life of the article will be short lived. The idea with private label rights articles is to create revenue for a long time to come.

Make sure that your re-sellers can take certain points in the article and adapt material of their own. If your main article is just right, people will be interested in acquiring it to use as a springboard to expound on one or two parts for their own works. This keeps the interest in your article alive for both re-sellers and for the buying public.

Network your articles. Using RSS feeds and blogs are two examples of how to get the word about your articles out there, and generate some immediate interest and some income as well.


Learning about the various types of resell rights, and how to apply them to your economic goals, can be a lucrative enterprise. By researching the opportunities, checking with then current status of the consumer market, and choosing products that appeal to you, the chances for launching your own successful resell business are very good indeed.

To your success

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