Make Money Using PLR and PDF Products


Make Money Using PDF's and P.L.R. Products

This Technique Is So Simple

Instead of sending traffic to an opt-in, how about sending traffic directly to the ACTUAL paid product PDF by revealing a
small portion of it for free, and then, when the most interesting and meaty stuff starts, hit
them with the simple PayPal Buy Now button?

This is the kind of results I have been having using this technique

5 dollar

As you can see it works pretty well. Here is how this works

  1.  It's a complete Brain interrupt. Meaning, your visitor is not expecting to land on a PDF, They are expecting an opt-in box. When the visitor sees that it's just a plain PDF, this instantly lowers his or her defense and gets him or her into information consuming mode. What can be better than a visitor who is actually excited about reading your PDF?
  2.  It helps your visitor to close the loop. The best results came from products that promised some kind of transformation or had a strong proof at the beginning of the PDF. When someone get really excited and becomes seriously curious about on how they can achieve the same results, they are most likely to close the loop and pay to read the rest.
  3.  It provides value before buying. Depending on what you sell and how you structure your products, the potential customer can find value even while reading the first few pages of your PDF. If it's really, really good content, he or she will pay to be able to read the rest
  4. Using this method you don't need a sales page . This is priceless, I hate copyrighting.  Using this strategy, the first couple of pages of your PDF will do the whole job for you.
  5. You also get 100% of the commissions and your customer's email. You control how much money you want to make, as well as receive your customer's email address. It's very rarely you can achieve that promoting affiliate offers.

Some may say, You need to send all of your traffic to the squeeze page first, and then send them to the offer. That could be true with the make money online niche where you can achieve 50% op-tin rate and capture half of your traffic, but for other niches, such as weight loss,  these kinds of opt-in rates are nearly impossible. People are very careful to whom they are giving away their email addresses, and most of the time, they get scared off right away after seeing the opt-in box.

It's not like the Internet Marketing niche where everyone has a separate bogus email box to sign up for every free offer. You should not completely give up on building a prospect list. In some cases, if you are selling high ticket products or services, it's a must to capture leads and nurture relationships with those leads until they buy, because that one purchase can feed your family for a whole month. For cheap products, in my experience, having a squeeze page first can sometimes dramatically decrease your sales.

However, using this PDF selling strategy, I have seen conversion rates for my products as high as 10-15%, and that's for cold traffic!
One, or sometimes even two out of ten targeted people who read the PDF, have become hooked up and bought the full product.

You are dealing with your dream subscribers here! Less subscribers equals less expenses on autoresponder services then equals much higher profits. Of course, you have to make sure that the first product you sell is of good quality. However, since you charge $5 to $9, it's not difficult to deliver value for that kind of price. And don't worry, it doesn't have to be your own product. Outside of the Internet Marketing niche, there are many good quality and cheap (or even free) P.L.R. (Private Label Rights) products that you can brand as yours and sell as your own. And this is what we are going to do.

We are going to build an empire of such PDF cash machines and then simply drive targeted traffic to them. I hope you see the simplicity and the power of this technique. This simple technique works in any desperate niche, and it converts because people want to solve their problems NOW and are ready to invest money into a solution.

Where To Find Products For This Technique

This is the easy part. You can buy products from (P.L.R.) sites these products are products other people have made and are selling you the rights to sell those products as your own. Some of them you can alter to your needs, Some you can resell the license as your own, there is a wealth of products for every niche out there. When I need products to sell for this technique I go to this company:

You can buy tons of products in so many niches here for only a few bucks. At Maser Resale-Rights they actually help you with guides and tools to help you succeed. That is on top of selling PDF's using this technique. You can also become an affiliate and sell products as well, so there is a lot of ways to make money here.

Here is another great place it is free to join and has lots of free PLR Products is another P.L.R. site that has more products for the purpose of this discussion. They also have a affiliate program which you can also us to make money selling other higher end products.

So there you have it, all you really need is an imagination and you can use these techniques to start building your sales funnel. Making money online is really not difficult, you just have to keep trying and figure out what works for you. I am just giving you ideas with these posts in hopes that my audience finds their own path.

Rey Albert

Rey Albert Marketing

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4 thoughts on “Make Money Using PLR and PDF Products

  1. Mozie @ BQPLR

    Thanks for the post and resources, Tradebit looks good, will check out how much it costs to get started and setup some products on it. Do you know if tradebit has a marketplace? My customers are always looking for more ways and places to sell their PLR and resell rights products.

    • ralbert Post author

      Ever try traffic exchanges or small niche sites?

      • Mozie @ BQPLR

        No never tried traffic exchanges, always seemed like junk traffic to me. Yeah I used to have some amazon affiliate sites but nothing that made a good enough income to keep alive. I am actually busy with a new kids toys amazon store, hopefully that one will be the one that does it, hoping to get it ready before christmas and the holidays 🙂

        • ralbert Post author

          I under stand, I used to think the same thing. It is all about how you use them. Look at my most recent post which I am still writing at this moment titled Traffic Exchanges. Perhaps you’ll give it another try. If not I wish you the best. Thanks for your reply, I really enjoy communicating about this stuff.

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